The strategic use of colour and light is the best way to achieve this. Choose light shades of paint or wallpaper for the walls. Lighter colours reflect light making for a brighter room. Use an even lighter shade of the same colour or white for ceilings and floors. A darker colour on the ceiling will make the ceiling look lower and tends to make the walls look as though they are closing in.

Avoid harshly contrasting colours. In fact, a monochromatic colour scheme that carries throughout the room into fabrics and accessories is very effective. Steer away from too many patterned items. The goal here is to blur perspective.

Anything you can do to bring light into Toronto Condos will also give the effect of increased space. A corner wall sconce that casts light up onto the wall works well. Try to vary lighting effects for interest. Mirrors are a great solution for small rooms. Place mirrors directly across from another for maximum impact. A mirror placed across from a window is also effective. Place a lamp in front of a mirror to add more light to your room.

If you have wood or patterned flooring, have it installed so that the lines run diagonally across the room. This makes for longer lines, which give the appearance of a larger space. When furnishing the room, pick objects that are proportioned to the size of the room. For example, opt for a loveseat over a full-sized sofa. Lastly, keep the clutter to a minimum. Avoid using a lot of knick-knacks and keep the room tidy and well organized.

Learn to Live Big in a Small Space
When you’re short on space, but big on ideas, organization and ingenuity are key. Similar to the way a large space can be arranged to seem more intimate, a small space can be designed to appear more spacious. It’s easy to do – you just have to be creative in your use of paint, furniture and lighting.

Use lighter shades
Light and airy colours such as cream, white, icy blue, pale green, and yellow can help make a small room appear larger. Another way to blend elements of a room together is through the use of monochromatic paint colours and fabrics.

Eliminate obstructions
The farther you can see through a space, the larger and more open it will seem. Eliminate clutter and avoid over-decorating with too many trinkets and wall hangings. Arrange furnishings to open up floor space and avoid blocking views of windows and doors. When selecting furniture, choose benches, ottomans, armless chairs and sofas to keep space open. A flat screen television is far less intrusive on living spaces that are used for relaxing as well as entertaining. You can also add the illusion of space with the sparkle and reflection of mirrors. In addition to strategically positioned wall-mounted mirrors, consider setting an oversized mirror on the floor and leaning it against a wall. A mirrored or glass tabletop is also a fun way to add some shine and depth to your room. A glass coffee table for example, practically disappears within a room.

Make it bright
Uncovering windows and adding additional light fixtures can eliminate dark shadows. Open up a space by hanging track lighting to accentuate art, or add bookshelf lights to highlight a cabinet. You’ll find a variety of lighting fixture designs available, so your options are virtually limitless.

Optimize your space
For efficient small Toronto Condo living, consider these tips and remember to keep the space in mind at all times. By utilizing multipurpose items such as futons, compact kitchen sets and storage trunks, what was once a small and cramped space will seem larger, more organized and more inviting.

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