Managing Your Property Investment Portfolio

So you’re a property investor. Excellent – what a time with house prices continuing to drop and rental demand rising. But are you managing your property investment correctly? And above all, are your properties giving you the best return on investment that you can expect?

Here are a few useful suggestions to help you maximise your investments and to make certain that you gain the greatest income on a frequent monthly basis.

Tip 1 – Renting Your Properties
It’s pretty obvious that vacant investments mean a burden on your profits. You are still paying for the house’s associated expenses when it is vacant and so your investment fast can turn into a negative venture. Once any of your houses are vacant, then you ought to have a process ready to make certain they are leased out right away, even if you have to reduce the rental fee for a short term lease.

What’s more, you shouldn’t repeatedly eliminate tenants who are on housing subsidy. Frequently these rents are passed to you directly by an area housing division and as a result give you a certain income on your property.

You ought to also go through the charges related with your property regularly. You can save lots of money by changing gas and electricity companies for instance.

Tip 2 – Passing on Deals
When you are researching the kind of property deals you wish to add to your portfolio, you will undoubtedly come across several that may not be appropriate for your investment needs. You may wish to consider passing on these deals to other buyers, whether individuals or a company that that is interested in property investment. This will assist with your cash flow and allow you to improve your potential investment portfolio.

There are several methods of transferring deals such as through lock-down agreements or simply passing on un-researched leads. No matter what method you decide on, you should aim to earn from approximately £100 or as much as 5% of the valuation of the investment, depending on which approach you opt for and the likelihood of the property deal going through.

Tip 3 – Commercial and Residential Combined
Various investors are not keen on the thought of investing in a commercial investment.

However, these too can bring great returns by offering severalnumerous rental incomes. Frequently, many commercial properties have extra space already converted or ready to convert into residential housing. This sort of investment represents a terrific prospect for conversion into apartments, for example. Therefore if you opt for a property which has commercial accommodation on a lower level and residential accommodation on upper storeys, you will generate several letting income stream(s) from this single deal.

Tip 4 – Multiple Occupancy
The most lucrative property ventures are undoubtedly through more than one tenancy – usually called HMO’s. By renting a house out room by room to students or professionals you immediately boost your profit per room.

You are likely to have a few initial expenses to make the house fitting for this sort of rental but the financial advantages, when finalised, can be enormous. And you are not obliged to go for a big residence to attain this income. A traditional, 3 bedroom terraced home for example with a bathroom, kitchen and living room will create far more return if let as a HMO than for instance to a a single group.

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