Maximizing Profits When Flipping Properties

If you know what you are doing, are somewhat handy at home improvements and plan ahead, it’s possible to make a fairly tidy sum flipping properties. One of the best ways to do this is by rehabbing houses in need of some renovations or repairs.

Start With Government Agencies

The absolutely best deals when it comes to suitable candidates for flipping properties are homes that have been repossessed from drug dealers. Shocking? Perhaps. Because of their very nature, these are not the most desirable properties to the public at large, in part because of their location – but mainly because these properties often require a lot of rehabbing. Properties like crack houses and former meth labs have seen a lot of abuse and wear and can be had for a song.

This is one of those house flipping tips that are best for those who are skilled at home construction and remodeling and have a ready discount hardware supply source – because you’ll be putting a lot of work into it. However, when it comes to sheer profit margin, such a property can be an ideal candidate for flipping properties.

Check Realty Listings

Granted, rehabbing houses that have been used by drug dealers is not for everyone – particularly the faint-of-heart or the unskilled. However, it is possible to find opportunities among foreclosures and estate sales; rehabbing properties like these is likely to require less in the way of work and materials, although you’ll still want to rely on a good discount hardware supply outlet if you don’t want to spend all your profits on the latter.  

More House Flipping Tips

Although real estate auctions are certainly a source of suitable properties, we don’t recommend them. The problem is that even when it comes to damaged homes in need of extensive rehabbing, properties like this are likely to generate a lot of interest – and competition when it comes to bidding.

One of the most important house flipping tips is to be aware of any laws that may restrict you from turning around and selling the house right away. For those rehabbing houses in need of repair, this is probably not going to be an issue, but you should consult a local real estate attorney just in case.

Go For It

Flipping properties is a great way to get very wealthy in a reasonably short period of time for those who are handy, smart, and willing to learn and do some advance planning. Just don’t run into it full bore – take your time, do your due diligence, take deliberate steps and hand realistic expectations – and you, to can experience succes at flipping properties.

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