Try to cut down expenses.

You never know, what percent is going to earn mutual fund, but you almost always with complete confidence can tell, how many from you are going to take away.

For along time the annual commission of the majority of funds of shares constituted about 1 % which eats your money. Look, how much less you will earn with a share portfolio where from you remove 1.5 %, in comparison with the generalized index fund with the commission of 0.2 % in a year.

Specify your tolerance to risk

You constantly hear: the portfolio should correspond to your tolerance to risk. Perfectly…, but how to find out it? During good times it is difficult to remain the realist. “You start to think that you are invincible” – the specialist on planning, Philip Cook speaks.

The bear market is a chance to reflect as really you react, being under pressure. It is probable not last recession in economy which you observe. And so, today, when “risk” has any value, time has come to establish investment strategy from which you can live normally.

At first make some computations. Present, what quantity of means to you needs to be postponed in cash to spend them for the next two years for the planned purposes: taxes, holiday or training at institute. Then designate the expenses for the term from two till five years. Invest this money – in more reliable bonds, instead of in share.

Now attach your emotions. In the theories, all money which you don’t need within five years could be enclosed in the share. But if today’s decrease has already forced you to shudder, and probably even to sell, to become clearly that the volume of long-term investments in common stocks to you needs to be reduced.

Bring little changes in your portfolio

Undoubtedly, your internal voice says to you that time has come to be released from shares. But it is deep inside you know that refusing from common stocks because of the fears, you bear risk to drop elevating. Before leaving the ship, try to bring little changes in a portfolio – those specialists on planning name it tactical distribution of the assets.

Instead of reducing all your positions at stock exchange, move to less risky types of shares. Replacement of some or all means which you have in funds of shares in emerging markets, for example, on conservative foreign or American fund of “blue chips” is possible.

Work a bit longer

Working longer? It is not so interesting. But each additional year of work protects you.

Your savings won’t be exhausted, and you can use an additional income for replenishment of your damaged portfolio.

As you know, all of us are mortal; therefore at you will be less time off to worry about financing.

For now, the longer you work you get more possibilities for investments on a comfortable old age.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not imply that one should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with nicely balanced approach; small business grants including.

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