So let us start:

Investments into bonds

The basic advantages of bonds are their high reliability and liquidity, predictability of the income and exact date of return of investments. It is possible to carry to lacks rather low yield and considerable changes of the price at change of interest rates.

Real estate investments

The basic lacks of investment of real estate are complexity of purchasing and low liquidity since it is necessary for real estate sale from one about several months. It is possible to carry the raised profitableness to advantages (reliability of investments and the constant income)

Investments into mutual funds

It is possible to carry that circumstance to advantages that the investor, as a rule, takes shares of fund and only occasionally is interested, as there are affairs at fund. Once a year the investor receives the fund activities report. A lack of such kind of investments is that the investor can’t influence a choice of tools in any way in which its means are invested. He is forced to trust managers of fund completely. In the history it is a lot of examples, both successful funds and funds which have gone bankrupt. Listing means in fund, the investor completely loses the control over them.

Investments into indexes

The simplest method of investments in stock market is investments into indexes. You buy ETF on leading indexes – DJI30, S&P500, and NDX100 and receive the income equal to profitableness of these indexes. Advantages of this method that indexes basically can’t go bankrupt, and it means that you at least won’t lose the enclosed means. Besides, in long-term prospect indexes give profit.

Investments into indexes of sectors

This kind of investments approaches for the prepared investors who watch tendencies in economy sectors. As well as at investments into any indexes, at purchasing ETF on indexes of sectors you are insured against complete loss of money, and in long-term prospect such indexes can grow considerably. Their growth is caused by economy growth as a whole. At a correct choice of sectors it is possible to receive good profitableness in 14-15 % annual.

Investments into indexes of the industries

This kind of investments also demands special knowledge. Fluctuations of course cost of indexes of the industries happen considerable enough that allows getting at correctly made investments quite good profit to 20-30 % in the absence of risk of bankruptcies. One of advantages of indexes of the industries, as well as indexes as a whole is absence of factors of uncertainty about such events as dividend payout, merge (absorption), share split, corporate news and other events which in a case with share purchase of the companies strongly influence dynamics of a course stock value.

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