Flowing and savings accounts aren’t exclusive prerogative of activity of banks. These services also offer some companies which have been not occupied in bank business. You can hold money in bank without the bank, while these possibilities are actual only for the USA.

Credit unions

Credit unions work also as well as banks, performing the state insurance of contributions for the sum to 100 thousand dollars, provided with Fund of the state credit union of insurance contributions. The main difference consists in the following: credit unions are noncommercial, based on a principle of individual membership by the organizations, such, as, for example, the labor union, and association of the former students, the businessman or a society. Close relatives of members of these unions also can enter into them.

As credit unions allocate the income between the members, the interest rate into accounts of credit unions is above than into accounts of commercial banks and installments are lower. According to the data of Public Interest Research Group, the average installment on the regular checking account in credit union constitutes 101 dollars, and in bank – 228 dollars. But credit unions offer fewer services than banks.

Exchange market mutual funds

The companies having joint funds suggest to open currency accounts which have higher income than currency accounts in banks or to create joint funds of the exchange market. However accounts of the companies having joint funds are not insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC from losses, unlike bank currency accounts. Nevertheless, the companies having joint funds practice to put additional dollars in case of need to support stable price in one dollar for the share, therefore actually the chance to lose money is insignificant.

For opening of the currency account of joint fund the minimum amount from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars is required and it is necessary, that this minimum was supported. Many funds give possibility to draw checks under the account though the minimum amount for which the check or a limit on quantity of checks which can be written out within a month or year.

Cash-management accounts, CMA

Cash-management accounts, CMA act also as well as bank-broker accounts, uniting investments with a daily flow of cash.

Accounts on cash traffic control have been offered for the first time by the broker companies, such as Merrill Lynch, for the well-founded clients having the discretionary income, i.e. the income which they can enclose somewhere under own discretion, and wishing to open liquid accounts, type bank to receive higher percent of profit, than on the usual bank account. However recently more and more banks also began to offer opening of accounts on traffic control by cash.

But here also is charged the percent on market rates, besides you get of advantage at use payment and credit cards, a debit card, often there is a possibility to obtain the exclusive credit or to open trading account at the broker under transactions with a margin. If you exceed expenses under the account, the percent levied from you under a loan, there will be lower, than a bank overdraft. In many cases this percent is considered as not taxable.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not imply that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with wise approach; small business grants including.

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