Manage your money all by yourself and then you won’t lose it.

You never thought of why the majority of us never manage to reach execution of the most courageous dreams? Certainly, everyone to this question has an own answer and the own reason. But, in my opinion, such people are united by one general quality. They prefer to act, being guided by councils of others. It is more convenient and more comfortable, when over people administer them. Literally in everything.

At work we wait, when the chief will tell to us that it is necessary to do, in shop or a supermarket we at times have an insuperable desire to purchase what praise highly from screens of TVs, well and at investment of the money funds, we, certainly, can’t do without councils in any way and recommendations of people who say that they are experts in the finance, such as “financial gurus” – financial consultants, share analysts and so forth. It was always like this and we have got used to it.

Why there is such state of affairs? The answer can be only one. The answer lies in our uncertainty in own forces and fear of responsibility for independent agreed conclusions that is very strongly developed. Thus it is completely not important in what this responsibility wouldn’t consist.

Still since childhood in us comprehension of was constantly pledged that adults are more cleverer than us and consequently only they will prompt correct decision in any reality situation, at school indisputable authority for us were teachers, and at work a higher management.

All our previous life taught us to that always it is possible to find those people who understand those questions in which it is necessary for us to make any decision more professionally. And we wait for recommendations and councils from them.

This uncertainty and fear for consequences of independent agreed conclusions is that stopper “thanks to” which we remain at that level of a financial prosperity on which we are now. Here also the reason is covered that 90 those % who nevertheless tries to find the independent way in stock market suffer failures and are disappointed in it.

We have simply got used to follow thoughtlessly to councils and recommendations of financial analysts and financial consultants to which by and large absolutely don’t have any business to ours private money. One question is interesting to them only: what fee they can receive having suppressed you by an abundance of financial terminology and by granting to you the recommendation about an investment of your money funds.

But it is not necessary to forget and that they after all also people, and people can be mistaken. And consequently, advantage of “experts on the finance” in a choice of financial tools for investments is, at least, disputable.

It is very reasonable that government, despite this recession is not abandoning to assist small businesses. And small business grants can be a real helper right now.

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