There was made one experiment showed that the monkey throwing darts in the list of shares often makes more profitable choice of emitters for investments than professional analysts in the daily work.

Therefore, I consider that the basic and indispensable element of successful investment of money funds is readiness and capability of the person independently to make decisions during construction of own financial independence.

It is necessary to understand that if at least once having made some decision about investment of own means independently and having received positive result from the actions, you we will acquire confidence of own forces which is so necessary at capital creation. Moreover, additional benefits from independent capital management become accessible to you, namely they are:

* The independent control over investment process allows tracing constantly all course of creation of equity, excepting unscrupulous or nonprofessional actions of confidential managing directors;

* Independent decision making at capital management allows to reduce considerably costs in the course of investment since there is no necessity to pay at times rather doubtful recommendations of financial consultants;

* Independent capital management in times raises its mobility that as a result leads to reception of higher income;

* Independent capital management raises its availability and it rather positively influences your confidence of own current financial position, and finally in yourself, too;

* At independent investment the turnover rate of your money funds increases that in aggregate with work of compound interests well affects its summary size.

Here therefore, that who really wants to reach successes in a field of creation of own financial well-being, it is necessary to adhere to a following rule: to manage the money funds it is necessary independently, without subcontracting this process to somebody else.

Also let mention a question on safety and reliability of the process of investment. In certain cases there is a worm of doubt: instead of whether it will turn out so that I will send money, and they won’t reach the addressee? We will consider this question on an example of one of the insurance companies with which we work. We name this company conditionally “the large foreign insurance company”.

How to check up that you buy insurance at “the Large foreign insurance company”, instead of something other, i.e. not simply transfer money to a certain foreign account? It is very simply to be convinced of. You can come on a site of our company and to read there all information, in particular, company bank details on which you will transmit the money. And on the other hand, you can ask questions directly to specialists of “the Large foreign insurance company” by e-mail or call them by phones specified on a site of the company, and ask to send their bank details. And to see that they are identical.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with smart attitude; small business grants including.

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