The most essential distinction between the investor and the speculator lies in their relation to tendencies and stock market fluctuations. The basic interest of the speculator consists in expecting fluctuations of stock market and to earn on them.

The basic interest of the investor consists in acquiring suitable securities at the acceptable prices and to own them. For it market fluctuations are important from the practical point of view. As at low prices the investor with skill acquires securities, and at a market exit on high price levels to it, most likely, it is necessary to abstain from purchasing and consequently it is desirable to sell with mind.

We will violate the truth, if we begin to insist that the investor should abstain from security purchase until while in stock market low prices won’t be established. The matter is that it is possible to wait for this moment very long. Thus the investor loses the potential income and misses opening investment possibilities.

Speaking as a whole, to the investor, it is better to take shares at any time when it has means for this purpose, for an exception of those cases when the stock market prices much more above that level which validity proves to be true a technique of securities valuation used by the investor. Describing the investor as the judicious person we consider that it can always find such securities which represent favorable object for investments.

The investor whose portfolio consists of well picked up shares should be ready to fluctuations of their market value, but he shouldn’t be upset because of notable falling of the prices, excessively to rejoice at their notable increase. He always should remember that market quotations are necessary to it that it was more convenient to accept reasoned decisions. It can or use market quotations for the benefit or simply ignore them.

Similar distinction between the investor and the speculator for the nonspecialist can seem insignificant. As it is impossible to tell that it is supported by various brokers and specialists who earn on possibility granting to buy and sell securities at a stock exchange. That fact, as investors and speculators should pay considerable attention to studying of forecasts of a condition of stock market, brokers and investment services perceive as one of the integral principles of investment practice or, probably, even uncompromising belief.

The further the investor keeps from such belief that skepticism tests concerning attempts to predict a stock market condition. The investor hardly can be in earnest about numerous forecasts which appear almost daily. But nevertheless in many cases he takes them into consideration and even acts according to them.

Why? Because he is convinced that they are important for him as help to generate him some opinion of a relative future price level in stock market. Besides he considers that brokers in a greater degree, than he and he listen to such forecasts.

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