Bull Spread

If we want to play more carefully that the method mechanism like “spread” is good for it. The given method is subdivided on “bull spreads”, “bear spreads”, “credit spreads” and “debit spreads”.

We will consider “bull debit spreads”. It means that we will go a bull, and we should allocate a certain amount to start our investments.

Operation will consist of work with two calls. We buy the first call at the price close to flowing, second we sell so that its price strike was as it is possible above than at the first call. Advantage consists in smaller risk and insignificant start capital. A lack is in that the maximum profit under the given transaction will be limited.

Even in spite of the fact that costs for work as a method “spread” more than at “call”, “spread” is less risky, as does its attractive to the beginning trader by options.

At forming of possible spreads, it is supposed that we simultaneously buy and we sell calls with low and, accordingly, heavy price strike. The chosen spreads lag behind from each other on three strikes. A good input in the market call purchasing at the price at-the-money or a little above, and sale – at the price approximately is considered 75 % from the current value.

So, we choose long 45 call and short 60 call with net value of $9.65 net.

If share price increases no more, than for 2.45 US dollars (60-57.56=2.45) short 60 call won’t bring to us profit. Long 45 call will cost 60-45=15 dollars and it is a quite good profit on an investment equal to 9.65 dollars.

The executed operations would manage to us more expensively if we have simply opened long 60 call. Why we haven’t chosen long 60 call? That we have chosen from the very beginning, – much less risky operation, than call acquisition. We will show how spread profit even if share price slightly will fall can make.

We already said that share price should reach $67.78 on exercise date to remain “at the” even if we have a position long call. As to spread we remain “at the”, even if strike price long call below flowing on cost spread, or:

(45 + 9.65) = $54.65 against $76.35.

It means that share price can decrease

(57.56 – 54.65) or $2.91

($2.49 if in calculation to accept a difference bid/ask).

So, the given spread will manage to us in $9.65 and the profit in $4.82 if share price rises only on $2.45 dollars will make, and won’t be unprofitable if the price doesn’t fall more than to $2.91. We trade on a paper.

We are connected to the Internet and we start the program myTrack. We enter AT&T. We go to the table of options and check the actual prices, we find them and begin the test auctions on a paper. We can trace our transactions, bringing them in magazine or using function program “portfolio” myTrack which allows initiating real or “paper” transactions.

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