What for the personal financial plan is necessary to the private investor?

It is necessary to invest as soon as possible and to do it regularly.

What to begin investments with?

How correctly to choose investment tools (banks, funds, MIF, management companies etc.)?

What tool are the most optimum in each specific case?

Where and how much money to invest?

This and many other questions are answered with the personal financial plan (PIP). These series of articles will help to find out why availability of such plan in life of any person is a necessary condition of happy, protected and secure financial life.

For what in general it is necessary to invest?

The majority of people in our country underestimate and not up to the end realize force of investment and, especially, time factor at forming of the capital. In addition, the epoch of the wild market has imposed an indelible trace on thinking of the whole generation of people. Refusal to perform the obligations to investors of the largest bank of the country, numerous financial pyramids, frauds, frauds with the involved money of the investors, all it has beaten off desire to invest somewhere the capital. During crisis times people try to keep the money, transforming them into the third TV, the second fur coat, furniture and so forth. However the regular realized investments can give optimum result only.

Any actions of the investor should be proved. As the supervision shows, overwhelming number of the people beginning the investments and engaged it for a long time, act on a current situation – there was money, means it is necessary to enclose somewhere it, after all money should work! Similar strategy bears in itself the big risk connected with possibility to lose the capital and as a result not to reach the purposes.

Money loves accuracy and a clear aim and the personal financial plan allows ordering all. Same also confirm numerous examples when after creation of PIP the person starts to earn that money which has planned and reaches the purposes much faster. To this phenomenon there is also quite logical explanation: the brain starts to be focused on a specific target – whether it is an increase in a monetary flow or purchasing of anything – and starts to fix existing possibilities.

The optimum method of realization of the financial purposes of any person is a harmonious combination of business and forming of the capital (investments). Personal business brings money. Investments (investments in business of other people for the purpose of return reception on laid-down capital) – create capital, i.e. real assets which bring money. Business or work on hiring is a basis of forming of the capital, regular savings of a part of the income for the subsequent investment – forming of the powerful monetary flow forming the capital here is how begins. The capital gives the chance to perform dreams in the future.

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