There is a steady stereotype: “investment is a destiny of rich”. Actually every person can create the capital and if there is a desire to provide the future, it is necessary to start to do it as soon as possible.

The optimum method to enter into the world of investments is the personal financial plan created together with the professional financial adviser.


PIP isn’t simple general words, the Plan shows particularly on the years, what movements of monetary flows are expected and for what purposes.

The plan allows to put the purposes in business and work with a sight on its realization, i.e. it is accurately visible, how many it is necessary to earn and invest in the future in a year to implement objects in view.

The realized investments is when you accurately know, how much money in a year is put, in which tool (MIF, banks, the insurance companies etc.) can it give profitableness and what risks it in itself bears.

The personal financial plan gives clear enough and reasonable answers to questions:

How much money you will receive for life?

Whence to take money for vacation, training of children, purchasing of the machine, apartment and other pleasures of life?

What property will you own?

How you and your family will be protected from financial crises?

Will your capital be protected from swindle?

How does it look in PIP?

1. The vital purposes. Whence to take money for their realization?. An example: you are going to acquire apartment for 100000 dollars in 2017. In the plan it will be written that in 2017 you arrange a mortgage loan for 10 years with the initial contribution in 20000 dollars. This money you take, having sold shares for the sum of 10000 dollars, (acquired in 2009 on money which are ready was to invest from the incomes) and fund shares for the sum of 10000 dollars. For 2018 payment on a mortgage will constitute 10000 dollars, this money you take, having sold fund AAA shares for the sum of 10000 dollars. And so on. Thus you will continue regular investments according to the plan.

The Capital structure. As the capital under assets (risk management) will be annually allocated to secure it against market, currency fluctuations and country risk, thus, that the enclosed means brought in the income allowing implementing the financial purposes.

3. When and where particularly to put up money. As a matter of fact, let us assume, in 2010 it is necessary to transfer 2000 dollars in insurance company, then for 4000 to purchase shares and for 3000 euros to acquire other shares through the European broker “…”. And to do it annually till the end of term of realization of the plan which you specify. The adviser will prompt, what management companies can be entrusted money and by what criteria them to choose, if you decide to invest money in other tools.

4. The Effective utilization of money. How to use the earned money properly so that each cent brought in the income? A method of primary accumulating of money for investments is the bank contribution.

The days when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for a while. But that does not imply that one must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with wise attitude; small business grants including.

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