According to the business experts a rake on which now all come is purchasing of dollar or euro when these currencies rise in price. For example, now all have rushed to buy dollar though the price for it grows. If you want to manage your money properly you should disconnect all business channels, – the expert speaks. There constantly speak: buy dollars, sell euro and on the contrary. And it strongly frightens people. Some analyst tells one thing, another – absolutely opposite. Someone from them, unconditionally, will guess. But when you will have a normal currency basket, you will have nothing to be afraid of. The best reference point on currencies – how break the reserves central banks of the different countries (their baskets too consist of several currencies).

How to provide financial stability of children?

The best method to provide financial stability of children is to provide own financial stability in the future. If you in your old age don’t ask money from children, it will be for them the best gift. It is necessary to create any reserve. I think that the most important thing for any parent is to provide formation of children. Open the deposit or any investment program for the child and every month put in it some money. Specify the sum and accumulate this reserve for the child. And further already the child should provide itself. It is wrong to think that I now will enclose all in the child, and then it will help me in my old age.

I, for example, have opened two bank accounts for the children: separately on the son, separately on a daughter. Every month automatically from my account the certain amount of money there is listed, and I show to children as their contribution grows. For example, one year ago for the contribution it was possible to purchase a player, then the computer and so on.

Besides, children need to give out pocket money that they learned to plan the expenses. Certainly, to give out all sum for a month it is not necessary: it will be heavy to child to understand with it, it is better to give some parts every week.

Whether it is possible to live on credit?

I always concerned to credits very carefully. There are “good” credits, there are “bad”. The majority of credits are bad. To me here often ask a question: and why Americans live at the expense of the credit and some people can’t? I consider that it is possible to take the credit when you accurately supervise the monetary flows. But the majority of people take credits spontaneously: have come to shop, have seen the washing machine or the car, and everywhere they see the credit offer. People don’t’ think of tomorrow. And then already suffer how this credit to pay.

“The good” credit, according to the specialist under the personal finance, it is, for example, the credit for apartment. After all for it is really hard to save money. And consumer loans are almost all “bad”.

The times when governments have been flooding people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with wise attitude; small business grants including.

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