Where to invest money now?

This question (where to invest?) wins the first place among the most popular questions investment and to financial consultants. The answer to it isn’t less popular: and what exactly you want to receive from the investments? For what term you plan to invest? And so on.

Let’s not go deep into poll process. We will assume that we speak about the investor, which purpose is to increase in an equity and time horizon from 3 years. We will consider that investment tools for today are the most attractive to such investor.

Gold and silver don’t get old.

Gold price has broken for the first time a record – 900 dollars for ounce.

This significant event became possible thanks to dollar downing and general instability on currency and stock markets. Some investors review the portfolio and invest it in precious metals, for example, in gold, as gold is the fine tool for hedging of risks during wild dancing of shares both in the exchange markets and smooth water of investment capitals.

Let’s consider some variants of occurrence of the gold market. The basic and most popular methods of investment in gold there is an acquisition of gold ingots, investment in coins and opening of the depersonalized metal accounts (DMA).

• Acquisition of gold ingots and investment in coins

In case of purchasing of a gold ingot or an investment in coin the investor receives precious metal on hands and he is free to dispose of it at own discretion: to present, sell or retain. The physical sensation of a cool and pleasant weight of metal warm and bring a joy to a soul of the investor. This sensation can last throughout unlimited term while gold won’t be sold. But for these fine impressions it will be necessary for investor to pay, and it will be rather big money. At the moment of acquisition of ingots it is necessary to pay 18 %-s’ VAT (value-added tax). Considering that physical persons aren’t payers of the VAT, they don’t have possibility to count it at the subsequent sale of ingots; this VAT won’t be returned in case of return sale of gold. Therefore, that “to leave in a zero” or to pay back the enclosed means, it is necessary, that it has risen in price at least for the sum of the paid VAT.

Besides, essentially to facilitate a purse of the investor can both heavy expenses on storage and complexity at transportation of “physical” gold.

• DMA (the depersonalized metal account)

The depersonalized metal accounts are while not much widespread investment tool. The banks giving possibility to invest through DMA, it is possible to count on fingers.

But DMA account has a set of pluses. One of pluses is absence of necessity of payment of the VAT at purchasing that does their more attractive to investment.

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