“I will start to invest, when I will have spare cash”: such answer I heard many times from people with whom I started conversation on investments. And on the experience it was convinced, what exactly this often met phrase is the basic error of 95 % of the population capable to take active parts in this most fascinating and useful process.

What forces people to shelve possibility to create well-being for themselves, for the family, and also the future generation? It seems to me, it has three basic and rather banal reasons:

The first, and probably most often met is a desire of the person to possess something that for today it is too expensive for it. Sometimes this desire ceases in greed, sometimes follows from envy, and sometimes is a subject of its desires. To overcome such desire or to cope with it for the majority of people is very problematic. In a greater degree women are subject to the desires. They like to spend the money for knickknacks and for useless subjects without reflecting on rationality of the acts. Women love all new, fashionable, beautiful, and their whims often become a subject of frankly silly acts.

Men less often thoughtlessly spend money, but their costs are often more essential. The techniques, computers, machines – all it can become a subject of huge rash expenditure. It is remarkable that to our desires are ready to indulge all successively – sellers of the goods, advisers, psychologists, manufacturers, banks, creditors. They aren’t excited often with a question – whether it is necessary for all of us? The client has the rights and if the client WANTS it so it should be given to him! Familiar slogans! Seldom will who ask us a question on utility and necessity of our acquisitions or actions. Today more and more people pay attention to comparison of the possibilities to the desires ever less. And it becomes the present scourge which pushes us in paws of obliging creditors which are ready to take care of our desires today on the account of the future incomes, chaining us in a chain of economic slavery.

The second and the not less often met reason is laziness. The majority of us say that wants to be engaged in the well-being. The same majority doesn’t do attempt further to make at least trial step forward – to purchase and read economic magazine or the book and to watch economic and political events in the world. If the first step on forces on the second the majority precisely stumbles – to go to open the account, to transfer money, make transaction, to write the agreement to become back-breaking toil.

The third is absence of patience. If to make the decision not to follow the mad desires is not too difficult but to remain patient it is excessive moral work. Having wasted time on reading of the literature, studying of bases of financial literacy, carrying out of researches, investment decisions – the majority of people ruins all with accepting one rash act cast by fleeting news or council of the friend. As difficult it appears not to lose courage and keep the chosen way when momentary circumstances turn around against us and as it is difficult to perform everyday routine work.

The days when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with nicely balanced attitude; small business grants including.

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