With the UK in the grip of falling investment properties rates, increasing ambiguity and a lack of available credit, many property investors may be starting to think that the good times really are over for making serious money from investment properties in the UK. Few years back, UK has seen an tremendous investment properties boom which has formed many property millionaires off the back of rapidly increasing property rates. It appeared that anyone could purchase property in the UK and quickly make a fortune. At present, things could not be looking gloomy with repossessions soaring and property prices plunging.

Common fallout of investment property purchasers, market is the propensity for drawing the lowballers out of the woodwork. More and more investors who may never have referred this type of negotiation, now feel they have the upper hand and are more likely to submit a lower than normal offer.

What is a lowball offer?
Although not written in stone, usually an offer lower than 90% of the requesting cost is considered a lowball offer. The biggest risk of such type of suggestion is that the seller will be completely insulted and may reject any further chances at negotiation. If it’s done perfectly, however, the seller will make a counter offer and the games are afoot, often leading to a sale where both parties are happy with the results.

Here are some tips to help you find some middle ground between seller and buyer when submitting a lowball offer:

Invest when the market is down:
The best time to invest in properties is between Christmas and New Year’s Day. You’re less likely to run up in opposition to other competitive bids and the seller will be happy to get some action during this slow time. Keeping this train of thought in mind, one of the worst times to make a low offer is during the spring when purchasers is out for a investment properties.

Don’t be insulting:
There are shameless purchasers out there who will submit a incredibly low offer just to test the waters. This usually upsets the seller and sets the stage for some tense and hostile investment properties deals.

Justify your offer:
Support your low bid with details. If the investment properties is costs higher than market value, explain why and provide comparable sales in the area that support your argument. If there are deficiencies in the property, explain them along with the guesstimated cost of fixtures.

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