Price schedules:

Schedules of the prices for this or that paper for the certain period of time are an important method of reception of the information on its market position and forecasting of its further behavior. Still recently, in 1994, the expensive computer programs which servicing could cost more than thousand dollars in a year for this purpose were required. Programs were built by schedules of the prices of stock market, including the latest data.

Everything that private investors could receive was a description of the monthly or week train diagram of the prices as separate edition – something like the magazine consisting of set of pages, hammered by the statistical information. But even it was an expensive enough pleasure. In 1994 the subscription to one of the most popular directories at the prices, published by agency Standard and Poor “s, cost 589 dollars a year.

Today schedules of the prices are absolutely free and are everywhere accessible. Almost any financial portal has interactive schedules of the prices and even difficult enough tools for their construction – as on some specialized sites of a type as BigCharts. And all it is absolutely free. By means of the Internet creation and distribution of schedules became a commonplace that the same company BigCharts considers that can provide to itself decent income only at the expense of advertising placed on a site and sale of the of service to other sites.

Search for other accessory materials? It is possible to see the detailed financial information on the companies on site Market Guide Investor, to get and study the corporate reporting on the Security and Exchange Commission site or to receive the base information on mutual investment funds at company Morningstar. Then, if you all the same have dared to be engaged in investments, it is possible to choose necessary quotations and to create own table of computations tracing a condition of a portfolio, on site Yahoo! Finance. And all it without uniform costs, except for connection of the Internet.

Certainly, not everything is free. The information under investments is one of few things for which as businessmen from the Internet have found out, people are ready to pay. But in comparison with those sums which it was necessary to pay to investors several years ago, present quotations are simply ridiculously small. For example, in time to receive analytical reports of specialists from Wall Street, on your broker account there should be a large quantity of money – probably, hundred thousand dollars. Today clients of company Charles Schwab – discount broker firm – can read analytical reports of the most known analytical companies if on their account is only 29,95 dollars.

Free character or symbolical payment for certain services are caused by the certain reasons. After all quality of analytical materials and other auxiliary information which can be found in the Internet, varies considerably enough.

The times when governments have been flooding people with all types of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not imply that one must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with nicely balanced approach; small business grants including.

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