Some information for the beginners:

If you the beginner in the Internet investment or in the field of investments the idea of independent management of own means it can seem enough terrible. To you can come to mind that all these tools and strategy is a business for more tempted or specially prepared people. But don’t forget that the Internet is the best place to learn. Many sites organized by known and dear companies, have special sections for training to bases of finance and are an excellent starting point to start navigation.

One of the most known sites for private investors is company Motley Fool site that is one of the best for start training. The site is the oldest in the history of on-line America, has already grown for frameworks of a simple bulletin board that has provided to it in due time popularity and success.

For example, site section under the name “the School for fools” contains such base information, as determination that is a security, the bond and mutual fund. Then the explanation of principles of a choice of your broker and more difficult determinations follows: the share, which price has raised and continues to raise (growth stocks); the fund, which profitableness is supported flush with a certain index of securities (index funds); bear speculations of commodity price or securities which aren’t present available (sell stock short). David and Volume Gardners (David, Tom Gardner), authors of site Motley Fool have created on the theory of investments the whole doctrine under the name “13 Steps to Investing Foolishly”.

They have expanded frameworks of the activity for Internet limits, have own program on radio and write books under investments. To investments in any way it is impossible to name Gardner’s approach traditional or universal, however on a site it is possible to find a lot of helpful information – if, of course, to reconcile to constant application of a word “fool” and the image firm “hats of the fool”.

There is a set of other sites acquainting with bases of investment. The section “Basic concepts of money markets” (Money ?asic) on site America Online, created with participation of makes determination of the most fundamental concepts – a security, the bond and mutual investment funds.

On one of the sites of company Zacks Investment Research known for estimations and forecasts of profitableness of securities and an analyst and the recommendation about stock market offers the free and detailed textbook on investment. Stock exchange Nasdaq site has section under the name “Possibility of the investor” (Investor Resources), including entering in investments, councils, as it is better to allocate the capital how to diversify a portfolio and to choose the broker. Many on-line brokers offer councils! On financial planning, though councils are directed on more often interesting you in the own company.

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