Outsourcing IT support often makes financial sense for small business that only requires technical support from time to time, making employing permanent IT team and paying their large salaries a pointless and costly endeavour. Outsourcing day to day IT operations also allows businesses to focus on the things that will benefit their company growth.

But if your IT service is located in a place that is not local then a number of problems can arrise.

Stress stemming from misbehaving technology is only elevated further when you or a member of your team has to glue their ear to their business mobile phones and try to describe the problem to someone who – unlike you – cannot see the problem in front of them.

Language barriers (such as difficult accents) as well as scripted responses can further aggravate the problem. Setting up tech support in external locations is a popular option for lower business costs but the time zones of the countries that they are set up in can be out of sync with your home country.

For purposes of prividing a service which is available around the clock, external tech support companies may have to outsource even further to get staff to work difficult shifts. This further removes your business from the true source of technical knowledge.

Any problems that pop up need to dealt with as soon as possible and therefore, accessibility to IT support is imperative. Even though there are a number of outsource technical services that can deal with some problems remotely, you will likely feel more secure if your Oxford Street business is protected by IT support London based. This means that onsite help and face to face consultations can be more easily arranged also.

Fifosys.com offers outsourced IT support locally in London and in wider locations too. This company has my highest testimony.