As you know one of the biggest problems of outsourcing is the lack of really effective means of managing employees. To my great regret this trouble is often shared by both you and your staff. As the result your employees are often deprived of your support. It goes without saying that these poor guys feel a real lack of motivation and accordingly their performance is likely to decrease. Of course you can’t stand it any more. You need professional tools to tackle this problem.

It’s clear that there’s a certain challenge of setting up efficient means of managing projects. I should say that this challenge includes a lot of facets closely connected with communication as well as accountability. It goes without saying that employers can better manage their staff when it’s possible for them to set parameters and strategies for oversight and communication.

Of course it’s obvious that everything is clear when you work in one office with your employees. In this case it’s very easy to control them because they are visible. You know where they are in this particular moment. It’s not difficult to find out whether they are working currently or they are having a coffee break. But to my great regret your ability to control your staff goes down significantly when dealing with outsourcing. In this case you mainly deal with uncertainty. It’s unclear whether an employee is currently involved in researching your project or he’s surfing entertainment websites for example. Most probably that in this particular moment this guy is busy with chatting on Facebook.

To your great luck currently there are many efficient tools enabling you to control your employees. For example you can take advantage of web-based solutions in this case because they give you an excellent opportunity to be aware of your current staff performance. From my point of view it’s the first step establishing a real accountability as well as trust between you and your employees. To say simply using these web-based tools you’ll be able to make sure that your staff is currently involved in the working process. But on the other hand it’s more difficult to figure out everything in details including the exact time.

As for so called client-server based software I can say that this tool collects data enabling you to evaluate your employee progress. It goes without saying that in this case time-management is more efficient when compared with those web-based tools mentioned above. I should add that these programs usually include a website providing you with a secured area. There collected screenshots will be stored most probably. This software gives your enough opportunities to succeed with your outsourcing tasks. Of course you should take advantage of these promising tools without delay.

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And remember that our world is the world of modern Internet technologies. It would be intelligent to make use of the online network to find anything on the best terms available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will help you solve many issues.