As an Aphrodite Hills Property
and Cyprus golf property expert, can buying at a certain time really have a large impact on how much you will spend ? Definitely, this figure could also be much higher than you think.With the luxury property sales stalemate slowly coming to an end in Cyprus and Aphrodite Hills golf resort there is an air of optimism as sales slowly climb. On the back end of the recession there are some magnificently priced villas at way below market value for sale. Currently there are around twenty resale villas which are selling at good prices. The reality is that out of the twenty, about half are truly worthwhile. The average price on the top ten equate to around 30 – 40 % below market value and represent a bona fide chance of either a shrewd investment or a bargain buy for those who wish to reside in this multi award winning resort.Do remember that the resort is reaching saturation point at a maximum 10% build density which is nigh on full. Even the plots with custom build villa options only number around 20 within the entire resort! Only about three of these plots provide great views and value for money. Many buyers presume they can wait to purchase a property here at a future point and will find that even if property is available, they will probably be paying a million Euros more than today on the same property. This is the reality at the resort and how prices do fluctuate in Cyprus. For buyers who truly do want an exquisite bargain do not hesitate as there are around five truly sensational investment and purchase opportunities within the resort today. Two prospects in particular are standing head and shoulders above the rest and will prove an investment or bargain hunters dream.The general consensus in Cyprus among the luxury property experts is that over the next few months is the right time to buy as sales are slowly picking up and prices are rising as a consequence. The problem is for buyers is that during the recession the luxury builds that were planned were soon forgotten and shelved. The upshot of this all is that although there are some great luxury villas available in Cyprus at way below market value prices, there is not a huge availability on all the golf courses and in prime locations from Polis to Ayia Napa. The simple solution is that the shrewd buyers can purchase first and acquire the best location properties in any decent developments across Cyprus.The advice is clear, there is no time like the present to buy as prices are only going to rise in 2011. Secondly the availability of top flight property here is very limited indeed. Lastly All
experts in the resort agree that property here will be a lot more expensive to buy in a few months

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