Project Methodology – Prince2

When you are delivering projects , it’s a good idea to adopt a recognized international standard.

PRINCE2 is the de-facto standard for Project Management in the UK and much of Europe and usage is also growing strongly in the rest of the world.

So what is PRINCE2 and why is it so important?  Well PRINCE2 was originally developed and has evolved further since to try and provide a consistent way to deliver projects.

All projects are of course different (it is what differentiates them from day to day repeatable operations) so the way PRINCE2 is made to wrap any type of project is by addressing the processes, techniques and tools used to deliver projects successfully.

Its set of processes lay down the steps that need to be taken on all projects, irrespective of what they are delivering, for them to be successful.

It is this separation from the idea of deliverables or ‘products’ which means that it can be used across such a wide range of sectors and which has made it so popular.  This consistency is essential in project enabling everyone to know what each other means or are expected to be doing next.  It is also helpful as it enables project managers to be more portable moving from company to company or even sector to sector without necessarily having to retrain.  This PRINCE2 badge has made the qualification very popular.

Discovering PRINCE2

If you are new to PRINCE2 is can all seem a bit daunting and imposing, its language odd and impenetrable but it is worth the effort to get to grips with it both personally and for the success of your organization.

Our Quality Guarantee

We have taken the decision to embrace and incorporate PRINCE2© methodology into the projects we deliver. Ensuring that every project complies to an internationally acceptable standard. Guaranteeing that it is delivered professionally every time . Leaving nothing to chance.

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