Project Management Made Easy

If you own a small business, like I do, or if you work for one, you know that

success depends on doing the right thing and on getting it done right. We need
to deliver the right results, on time, and within our budget and do a really
good job. When we do that over and over, we please our customers, we make
money, and our business grows. When we don’t get it done right—this may
sound obvious—either we get it done wrong or we don’t get it done at all.
Then our customers aren’t happy and our bank accounts are soon empty.
Project Management for Small Business Made Easy
Some jobs we do over and over. We stock up supplies, we make a sale,
we balance the checkbook. We can think of these repetitive tasks as production
work. But—unless you run a mom-and-pop grocery store—a lot of your
work is done only once. The work is unique: decide what to stock for this
season, negotiate a deal with one big client, arrange for a loan to open a new
office or store. An MBA or any other standard business course won’t help
you do a good job at these unique, special jobs. Doing unique work and succeeding
takes project management.
If our world—our customers, our suppliers, and our competitors—didn’t
change much, we wouldn’t need much project management. But these
days, everything is changing very fast. When I was growing up, there were
no computers and almost nothing was made of plastic. More people used
butter than margarine and no one knew about cholesterol. Music came on
black vinyl albums played on phonographs. The only Teflon was on NASA
spacecraft and the only product that came out of NASA’s efforts was Tang®
orange drink mix. Now we live in an era of microchips, microwaves, digital
music, artificial foods, and microwave dinners. Our parents ate the same
food throughout their entire lives; our children are eating new foods every
few years.
But it’s not just technology and products that are changing. Communication
and transportation are faster and cheaper than ever before. Big business
and franchises have taken over a lot of the commercial market. People
expect products and services right away, and we can deliver because internet
ordering has become part of how we do business.
If we can keep up.
And keeping up means dealing with change. It means setting new directions,
revising our plans, and then getting new products, services, and ways
of working in place quickly, before things change again.
Given how much things change, isn’t it nice to know that there is a
whole special field within business designed just to deal with change? It’s
called project management. The field has been growing for the last 35 years,
and you can learn from the best and make it your own with Project
Management for Small Business Made Easy.

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