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Often rated highly as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne is growing at an unprecedented rate. In population terms it is second only to Sydney as Australia’s biggest city. And with Melbourne’s burgeoning population comes a boom in building and real estate development. Melbourne is an ideal location for first home buyers, for anyone looking for a new house or unit and for investors in particular. And they are also known as best buyers agents Melbourne.

Capital 360 is one of Australia’s leading property agents and advocates. They provide professional and specialist services with almost everything to with property – buying for the owner-occupier, becoming an investor, the renovation and development of property, the management of property and more.

Capital 360’s great appeal is their vast experience in all aspects of the real estate industry and their dedication to make each client obtain the result they want. Attention to detail is a way of life with the agents and advocates at Capital 360

Branches around Australia

Capital 360 has branches in Sydney [the head office], Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Each city office is staffed by experts, people who know the property market in great detail in their particular city.

Melbourne is a prime example. An indication of how just how dedicated and knowledgeable the Capital 360 experts are is illustrated in a true story about a young buyer who wanted a particular type of unit in St Kilda. This is a cosmopolitan suburb on the bay yet only a short trip to the Melbourne CBD. It has cafes, restaurants, speciality shops, Luna Park and the beach.

St Kilda is a popular Melbourne suburb and finding the right property is no easy task. Worse still is that when a property comes on to the market, chances are it will go quickly or, because of the number of bidders, go for a price many would-be purchasers can’t afford. St Kilda is an area popular with investors. Finding tenants is easy and watching real estate prices rise steadily is par for the course.

Individual attention

In the case of our young buyer, success was eventually found. The right type of unit, the right space and certainly in the right location, in St Kilda. But how did it happen? Well only after two months of hard work from an agent working in the Melbourne office of Capital 360.

This is a perfect example of the type of service you get from Capital 360 – your partner for Property Investment Melbourne. Painstaking research into what’s available, what’s likely to become available and which ways to best approach the vendor bring the best results. On their own this buyer would have missed the property becoming available or been outbid by one or more other interested buyers.

Knowing the city, knowing specific parts of Melbourne and then having the skills to negotiate on behalf of their clients is what makes Capital 360 the perfect representative for any buyer or investor in the Melbourne property market.

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