Property Opportunities And The Behavior Of The Brazilian Market Place

The year 2010 started with a great expectation of growth in the real estate sector, there’s a convergence of opinion from professionals and a general environment of the huge increase is next to happen, which has induced a group of recognizable changes.

The following phenomenon has previously occurred in some other nations, being the most current among the so-called emerging, the case of Mexico, while Brazil still looking forward to a civilized attention situation and the emergence of a methodical legal guaranteeing safety for opportunities in the sector, seen as a prerequisite to this situation that well ahead.

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Becoming the ideal scenario, and people thinking that circumstances allow you to consider the real estate market with excellent potential, it remains to be seen what options to be found in the industry, desiring to find them the financial potential and the profile of each, which could range from pure and very simple purchase of a residence, a participation in a real estate fund or in the obtain of shares of companies and developers.

People aimed at the buy of a property should aim principally at preferred purpose, one of many four possible, use, recovery, profits or endeavor, remembering where such a investment is certainly of excellent income security, solidity and relative liquidity, therefore, cannot be a short-term or medium term.

In addition, while the purpose of use has a personal, inside requires of each one, the valuation is quite risky, the enterprise only for many who wish to develop a larger project and the profits is the one that best suits the investor profile.

One more option are the real estate investment funds, or simply IFI, which begin to stand out in functionality of the fall in mortgage rates, reducing currency risk and enhancing tax by using exemption from income tax for natural persons, may mean, aside from the diversification, a viewpoint satisfactory give back on investment.

Most of these funds make it possible for the investor with amounts not so considerable participate in substantial real estate projects, just like shopping malls, hospitals, distribution centers, between some others, not having participating in the Administration and on liquidity, when the market already has 63 registered in CVM (Comissão de Valores Imobiliários) with prospect of opening other this year.

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As a last choice, devoted to audience with more aggressive profile, came about in the year 2006 a number of openings of capital corporations, that must be replicated in 2010, ensuring the heating business, whose sign emerged late last year, when in the past two months have been announced investments of nearly 1 billion in commercial real estate.

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