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If you are a homeowner and/or investor in real estate, you’ll know all about the time it can take to find that ideal property. It can be great fun tracking down real estate, certainly thrilling when your bid is successful but bitterly disappointing when you miss out at the last moment.

And one of the hardest parts of any real estate purchase is the research. Which areas are set to boom and which areas are cooling off? If you had the time and the expertise, you would feel far more comfortable, even confident, in building your portfolio.

Well there is help at hand. Capital 360 has a slogan which says it all – ‘Your partner in property’. Capital 360 has many agents who specialise in helping their clients buy the right type of property in the right area at the right price. They take the ‘search’ out of research.

It doesn’t matter who you are!

Capital 360 works with individuals and families, with low-key or high-flying investors, with home renovators, with local or overseas investors, with first home buyers and with retirees wanting to make better use of their super funds. Capital 360 works with and for all types of clients.

Excellent returns

And independent surveys show that Capital 360 investors receive a brilliant return on their real estate investments at a significantly higher rate of return than the average. Why is this so?

A total real estate package is provided by Capital 360. They are far more than a buyer’s advocate or bidding representative on auction day. Capital 360 agents provide a wide range of services including:

– Advice on the best real estate agents to sell your property
– Truly independent real estate advice from go to whoa
– Proven success in acting for clients at auctions
– Access to all homes including prestige homes
– Plans for the ongoing management of your portfolio of properties

It is a big investment

Investing in property is arguably the biggest commitment financially you will ever make. You not only want to be successful, you want to do even better. But it is often a complex business. By working with a property buyer’s agent from Capital 360, you’ll gain expert advice on the right type of structure in which to set up your investment, which lender is best for your needs, whether you should invest in new or established properties and whether you should buy, renovate, hold or all three. Our customers give us a tag of buyers agent Melbourne.

Of course choosing the right location is crucial and once you’ve made your initial investment, how you manage that property too will influence your earnings for the present and into the future.

So yes there are many issues to consider, many important issues and with the expert guidance of a property agent from Capital 360, you are well on your way to becoming a highly successful investor. And being an investor you need to get some help from buyers advocates.

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