It would be desirable to receive predictability also from securities. We take company Coca-Cola: diligence and imagination, with which the company approaches to a question of sale of goods were to the greatest degree showed during board of Roberto Gozuet which has much made for business value increase, so, and for the shareholders. By means of Don Keuf and Dug Ivester Roberto has reviewed and has improved each aspect of activity of the company. But business bases are the qualities which cause competitive advantage and stunning economic indicators and it remains invariable for many years.

Not so long ago I studied report of Coca-Cola for 1896 (you feel thus so as if has lagged behind the times). Then Coca-Cola 10 years was the leader in the market of soft drinks. And already then the company plan for development has been constituted for 100 years forward. Reporting about a turnover which that year has constituted 148.000 dollars, Aza Kendler, the president of the company, has told: “We weren’t late in the efforts to present to the whole world our drink as the integral component of health and good mood”.

Though, about “health” they have, of course, exaggerated, but I am glad that today the company leans till now against ideas of Kendler. And a century later! Hundred years ago Kendler spoke:” No other drink has received such mass approval “. Today Roberto supports this idea. By the way, the syrup sales volume in 1986 constituted 116.492 gallons (nearby 440.340, and in 1996 it equaled about 3,2 billion gallons (12 billion). I should quote Kendler once again:” Having begun this business year on March, 1st, we have hired 10 direct-sales representatives whom, following regular instructions from company office have covered almost all territory of the country “.

The companies similar to Coca-Cola or Gillette, it is quite possible to name “invariable”. Analysts can disagree concerning what part of the market of soft drinks or shaving accessories will be occupied with these companies in 10 or 20 years. Our reflections about invariance also not in the least belittle value of vigorous activity which should be performed by the companies concerning production, system of sale, packaging and creation of new products. But any keen observer even if it is the main competitor of one of these companies provided that it will be fair that there is no doubt that they gain leadership in the world markets during the investment period. Most likely, leadership of the companies only will amplify. Over the last ten years both companies have considerably increased the and without that a huge share in the market, and all indicators specify that this tendency will remain and within next ten years.

It is obvious that percentage indicators of many companies involved in sphere of new technologies or embryos will grow much faster than indicators of “invariable”. But I prefer confidence of good result, than hope of remarkable result.

The days when governments have been flooding people with all types of grants have passed. At least for a while. But that does not imply that you must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

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