Reasons to Invest In Florida Investment Properties

If you are looking for an investment in property, you need to collect some information first to get the benefits out of your investment. Florida investment properties are the best place to choose for property investment.  The following points could help you to make your property deal successful.

•    Grab yourself a Florida property investment bargain! Enjoy discounts on property in Florida property investment up to $150,000 below 2005 prices.

•    Strong Tourist Market, tourism is worth an annual estimated $57 billion to the Florida economy.

•    No State Tax, there is no state tax – which has positioned Florida as a shelter state for wealth for both individuals and corporations.

•    Unique Combination of Knowledge & Infrastructure, no other location in the western hemisphere can match Florida’s unique combination of a strategic geographic position, strong knowledge base, state-of-the-art infrastructure, entrepreneurial spirit, and concentration of corporate and financial resources.

•    Industry Growth, the area’s industry growth is focused on the professional and business services sector; all these are likely to see significant gains in the near future.

•    Strong Rental Demand for Quality Real Estate rental returns on properties in carefully selected areas can yield $20,000 per annum ( a property investment dream!)

Foreign Direct Investment

•    Fastest Growing US State, over 350,000 people NET move to Florida every year, making it the fastest growing US State.

•    Strong Demand, baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and flocking to the sunshine state to invest in second homes.

•    This trend is likely to continue for the next two decades.

Price Growth

•    Property prices are set to rise, more so in some areas of Florida than others; we will show you where to make your investment.

•    Robust economy – Florida’s accounts for 5% of the nation’s total economic output and industry diversity has ensured stability over the last 12 months

•    Key location for international trade – 40% of all US exports to Latin and South America pass through Florida with Miami airport handling more international cargo than any other airport in the country

•    Business-friendly taxes,  Florida remains among the top 10 states in the nation when it comes to having “business friendly” taxes (Jacksonville Observer 2009) in turn boosting the local economy

•    A growing population – the 4th most populous state in the US is still experiencing growth with University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic & Business Research forecasting an increase from the current 18.75 million people to about 24,971,000 in 2035.

•    An affluent population – Not only increasing in numbers but also in wealth, the per capital person income of Floridians is $39,267 (2008) showing continued year-on-year growth.

•    Low property prices – Median real estate prices for Florida average 25% less than the national average, $138,200 vs. $184,700 respectively (Zillow Jan 2010)

•    Abundance of BMV housing stock – More than 500,000 homes received foreclosure notices in 2009 bringing to the market large numbers of high quality stock at up to 70% Below Market Value prices.

•    World class tourism destination – Florida attracted over 80 million visitors in 2008 and with attractions such as the new Harry Potter theme park opening in Orlando, expectations for sustained levels of tourism are high

•    Highly developed infrastructure – first class interstates, highways, train and air links ensures that accessibility to and within Florida is quick and easy

•    The Sunshine State – with a year round sub tropical climate, Florida’s 350 days of sunshine per year are a real draw not only to overseas visitors but US nationals alike.

Property investment in the world’s largest economy with a ‘cash-flow positive’ house is a wise decision. The above points considered carefully could help you make profit on deal in Florida investment properties.

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