Reasons Why Company Choose Serviced Apartments For Corporate Housing

Human resources in many multi-national corporations have realised that serviced apartments are the ideal choice for housing employees whilst they are staying in other cities or abroad for job based assignments. The value of using serviced apartments is not only in what serviced apartments propose to staff, but also in what they can provide to your business. If your company has not yet tried using serviced apartments as an alternative to hotel rooms, here are 9 reasons to persuade you to give them a try.

1. Most serviced apartments are located near (if not within) business districts, and are purposely placed to ensure convenient access to major destinations within the city. They are also situated near transport facilities such as underground stations, bus stops, train stations and airports. This makes moving around the area quick and easy for employees.

2. Serviced apartments give the same great customer services and amenities as hotels. Employees lodged in serviced apartments will enjoy housekeeping and concierge services whilst living in the privacy of their own apartment. Many serviced apartments also have fitness and relaxation facilities (such as gyms and spas) to ensure that your staff have a place to let off steam and de-stress after work.

3. Apartments are bigger than hotel rooms. The extra space will ensure that your employee is comfortable and can enjoy a home from home atmosphere. The extra space and cooking facilities mean that they will even have the freedom to invite friends over and entertain, which is not possible when staying in a hotel.

4. Meeting targets and deadlines can be stressful for staff when they are working abroad. Most serviced apartments have broadband internet access, telephone services, and even private offices to make sure that your employees can meet deadlines and uphold optimum efficiency whilst abroad.

5. All serviced apartments have functional kitchensThis means that your staff can prepare and cook their own meals. Not only does this cut costs by reducing meal expenses, but it also means that employees are not forced to eat out every night. Instead, they are able to relax in a homely environment and enjoy food that is safe, familiar and comforting.

6. Most serviced apartments have washing machines and tumble dryers to enable your employees to do their own laundry and thus avoid incurring expensive laundry bills.

7. By choosing serviced apartments, you can house a number of employees in the same apartment. This is not only cheap, it is also useful when you have a team working on the same project. Apartments are also the best accommodation choice for companies sending employees for training, as staying together can help cement the team bond.

8. A business needs to protect its most valuable asset – its people. Safety is a major concern for expats when they live in a foreign city for long periods of time. Serviced apartments give 24-hour security within the residence complex and also within each unit to ensure that your employee are protected and safe at all times.

9. Serviced apartment operators allow adjustable terms of occupation. Your business will not need to sign complicated tenancy agreements which commit you for long periods of time. Agreements can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, whether that means booking for one night, or booking for a year.

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