Requirements Of The Bank When Obtaining A Mortgage Credit.

If you want to obtain a mortgage, take into account the demands that the Bank does not articulate, but nevertheless, because of the noncompliance of which the vast majority of refusals to give a mortgage credit occur. Such demands are:

– Check by the security service. It is a relatively simple check for the majority. However, if you have administrative penalties, previous conviction (no matter whether it is liquidated or not), etc., and these questions are present in the questionnaire, then answer the truth. To wriggle is pointlessly. It is very easily checked. Generally it is better to make it a rule. Do not try to lie, where your responses are recorded on paper and can be easily verified.

– Sometimes the Bank’s workers call at your work and take an interest in whether there is such a worker and how he works. Be prepared for these developments, especially if you asked to write a certificate of salary where you do not really work. If they call at the office, then the person on the phone should reply that you are working, how long and what your position is. Maybe, they will want to call bookkeeping. Not all banks do in such a way, so it may be wiser to choose a bank where there is no such check.

– Requirements for the minimum record of service in general and in the last place of job in particular. If the bank demands a minimum length of work 1 year and 6 months at the last place of job, then it does not mean that it will be satisfied with compliance with these demands. Do not try to get a mortgage on a decent amount, having worked in last job for 6 months. You have to work for about a year and preferably two, prior to you go to the bank. It will save your time and nerve.

– The demand of higher education. This demand is not always expressed clearly. If you wish to get a small amount on credit, maybe it will not be needed. However, if you want to get large amount on credit, and your income is not supported by the ‘white’ salary, they unlikely will give the credit without higher education. I do not say that this is fairly, but it is reality. If you’re an entrepreneur, then, certainly, other demands or questions will be that we will not discuss in this article. So, if for buying housing it is needed a mortgage for a big sum, it is sometimes easier to complete your education rather than to try breaking through the wall. Especially everything is simplified now. You can pick up the institute and department, where it is easy to learn. You can certainly register housing for a relative or somebody else, but this is not the subject of the article.

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