Steps – we can provide financial benefits to each step

1) Strategy
Steps – we can provide financial benefits to each step

1) Strategy

Without a plan, you plan to fail, not just buy one property, help you build a portfolio, it is an initial strategy, but really is long term and refined moving forward. Understand needs and goals, form a strategy to suit those goals and needs, eg reach $10m in 10 years, or 20yrs $100k residual income, some may want to retire at 40 instead of 50 or later, we want to be realistic.

Once goals are cemented, keep track of them, (give them template).

Unearth potential value

Emotional: confidence and direction

Understanding your clients: goals, risk profile, issues (eg tax, asset protection, estate planning),

‘Statement of Advice’

Verbal disclaimer

2) Structure

Tax planning

Asset protection

Estate planning – planning for your children, future


Implement the 3 above, panel of experts, best in the industry

3) Finance
Best of breed nationwide finance strategists/debt advisory, long term approach – set up flexible transactions, correct finance structuring, priority access, efficient, faster turnaround times, totally independent. Try finding some buyers agent australia and you can save your money if you are in that area.

4) Buyers Advocacy
One of the most important functions, 100% control over the process, from brief to market research, due diligence, inspection, selecting, negotiation, to securing the property. [pad out more] 24/7 Looking (numbers, funnel, research), reporting, variance reports, PIA,

5) Renovation/development (similar for step 2, 3, 5, 6, 8)
Independent, industry leading experts, nationwide, hand-picked, specializing in…
Someone that handles it from start to finish, managed, one point of contact, proven track record of results, competitive pricing, time management, understand that ‘time is money’, fixed price contracts, wholesale pricing, access to volume discounts
Benefits – Saving money, detailed feasibility, not overcaptialising, maximizing benefit from spend, saving time

6) Property management
Independent, industry leading experts, nationwide, hand-picked, specializing in…
Benefits – Fully maximizing income through rent, minimizing stress and vacancy, limiting vacancy, picking the right tenant, managing all documentation, keeping up to date with legislation, researched rental recommendations, proactive management strategy and advice
Each point: managed on an ongoing basis free of charge, continually managing and updating our panel to stringent standards, increase income/equity, decrease costs. You can take help from any home buyer agent if you have some good connections.

7) Portfolio review
In line with your initial strategy, we will review your portfolio ever quarter to maximize your portfolio consistent with our comprehensive 360 degree approach (the 8 step process to residential wealth creation).
Accessing the untapped income and equity and tax benefits in the existing portfolio and maximizing it moving forward.

8) Sales advisory
Using independent, industry leading experts, reputable and proactive agents, with large buyer databases, nationwide, hand-picked, specializing in…
We help you select the right selling agent and then continue to advise you through the marketing and negotiation process right through to an amazing price, we take care of all the documentation. Manage cost effective marketing (not overcapitalize).

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