At this present time the housing market is going through a tough time, with reduced demand and, subsequently, fewer property sales. The reasons behind this are numerous; from interest rate hikes, to reduced disposable incomes to harsher mortgage application stipulations from lenders, and so on. What this all means is that you have to put more effort in if you want to successfully sell your house. Contrary to popular belief, dropping the asking price is not the only way to entice a sale. There are a variety of other methods you could try before you even consider reducing the cost of something you have spend years of your life paying for. Some detailed methods for selling your property quickly are listed below.

The first thing to remember is to make your house appealing to potential buyers. This means repainting walls, tidying, washing carpets, planting flowers and all other things that will help to spruce up your home so that the viewer can actually consider living in that environment. What is important to most buyers is that they can see themselves living in your home, which means that you must remove your stamp on the property and use neutral colors and simplistic furniture arrangements so that it is easier for them to make that judgment. Another important part of the process is choosing the right estate agent. Your agent must be knowledgeable, experienced, have a professional manner and, almost as important as those traits, he or she should be likable. If you hired an agent that you didn’t get on with then you would be apprehensive as to contacting them, which is the last thing you want to be when you are trying to sell your house. You need to have a relatively close relationship with your agent as you need to be in complete understanding of all events during the course of your property sale.

You must also consider, not only correct pricing, but also proof of pricing. If you want a quick sale, then you don’t necessarily have to lower the price of your property, but you do need to price it competitively. This means that if the market is falling, try to pre-empt this and price it accordingly; if you want to lower your price, research the market value and price it at a maximum of 1-2% under that. To prove your pricing to the potential buyers, you need to educate the agent as to the improvements and maintenance you have made on the property, your proof of research of the market value including the pricing of homes in the near vicinity, and the rankings of local schools and other public services in the community.

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