In days gone by, corporate housing pretended up images of bland , unsophisticated and common accommodation which, whilst offering a place for the business traveller to shower and sleep, offered none of the services or luxuries of hotel accommodation. For many years, corporate accommodation was viewed as a poor second best to be avoided where possible, but all that has changed since the first serviced apartments were conceptualized in the United States decades ago. What began as basic lodging services for medium to long staying business travellers has become a worldwide industry offering unparalleled comfort and amenities for corporate travellers and expats.

From Generic to Chic

By concentrating on aesthetics and style, serviced apartment operators are actively responding to the sophisticated needs and tastes of the new breed of business traveller. As Tracey Stephenson, co-founder of the serviced apartments company Staying Cool, said, “There is going to be a raising of the bar in design and comfort, it will be the end of corporate bland.” Details are now a main concern in corporate housing. From furniture to fittings, serviced apartments now combine style and functionality to meet and go beyond the services previously only offered by luxury hotels.


Technology is one more area in which serviced apartments are raising the bar to satisfy the needs of today’s corporate traveller. High-speed internet connections, telephony and wi-fi enabled rooms are top priorities for business travellers and, as such, these have become staple features of corporate accommodation. Moreover, most serviced apartments are now furnished with cutting edge household appliances, and state-of-the-art entertainment, heating and lighting systems to better suit the needs and anticipation of corporate guests.

A Home from Home Experience

A common criticism for expatriates staying in hotels for long periods is the lifestyle constraints of such accommodation. A hotel room does not meet business travellers the freedom or privacy to enjoy a home from home experience. A home environment is especially important as more and more business travellers travel with their families or partners in tow. Serviced apartments offer private and intimate accommodation, which enables business travellers to enjoy a home from home experience by engaging in day to day activities such as cooking and having their family to stay with them.

Corporate Living – The Best of Both Worlds

Like hotels, serviced apartments offer great customer services. On site concierge, translators, 24-hour security services, and yes, even housekeeping are essentials of today’s serviced apartments. With the diverse sensibilities of so many business travellers, serviced apartment operators and letting agents are making sure that the every need of their guests are satisfied. As such, serviced apartments offer the first-class service of hotels with the look, feel and comfort of a home.

Corporate living is not limited to space and lodgings – it has become a standard of living . For many business travellers, their experience as an expatriate in a new city is one of the most exciting times of their lives. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments provide the privacy, mobility, and freedom to enjoy and experience corporate and expat living at its uttermost .

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