It is absolutely true that home security system is a great solution which helps to enhance the security and safety levels of your property and family. So, in order to help you make the choosing of security system any easier, there are some basic questions you need to get answers before you meet home security consultant. You are to get a clear understanding if your house is prewired, how many entrances are there, if you have any pets. I know that this may seem quite odd, but read further to get more information.

Prewired House

In general prewiring means that the professionals who built your residence have wired your dwelling for a security alarm system. They are to run the wiring for your front door and window contacts. This way such devices as smoke detectors motion detectors, alarm panel, keypad will be easily connected. So, ensure that all necessary wiring is there.

Number Of Entrances Which Need To Be Protected

Another quite essential question you are to ask is how many entrance points are there. So, do your research and define what entrances are easily accessible for people making attempts to enter your home.

It is a good idea to start downstairs. Attentively count the number of doors that seems to be accessible from outside of your residence. It is essential to add the sliding doors and of course the side garage door. After that it is essential to count all the windows that are accessible for potential intruders.

Don’t forget that you are to add up all the doors and windows and that number will be the total number of detectors you will need to install to protect your property. It may seem like a lot, but keep in your mind that you are only going to do this for one time and it will not any affect any prices for monthly monitoring services.

Indoor Pets

The last thing to consider is whether you have some indoor pets. Remember that if they are quite active, you security system is to be ready to it not to cause any false alarms. If you have some indoor pets, you are to make sure that your security system is compatible with them.

Still you are to keep in your mind that some problems with motion detectors may arise. The actual challenge you may face is that the detectors of the type are not able to tell any difference between a person and a big pet. So if you are a happy owner of some handsome and large pet or some very active pet, you are strongly recommended to discuss other alternatives with your house security advisor.

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