From my point of view for an average energy or facility manager this traditional style of data gathering may appear to be rather strenuous process. I should say that these days a lot of facility managers are taking advantage of a special system which significantly simplifies their job. So I’m talking about professional software which can gather data in real-time and in my opinion it’s a really great step in the right direction. But the problem is that just collecting data can’t be enough for the purpose of optimizing business unfortunately. For example very often people collect the required business data, store it on a CD and then toss it in a box for storage and certainly forget about it. There are a lot of facility managers engaged in collecting the business data and these guys are used to reading meters on a regular basis. Once the required information is collected it should be delivered to corresponding customers. As usual it’s stored in excel as well as other kind of spreadsheet. And here it is going to be graphed and certainly calculated for the purpose of getting costs per square foot for example. You can also find out your energy consumption and other important information.

It’s known that energy managers have to spend much time when dealing with really large amounts of raw data. After the energy manager has already gone over the business data and certainly completed all the required calculations as well as graphs it has become necessary to show this newly collected data to other guys working in this company. To my great regret many individuals lack the same faithfulness for excel spreadsheets as well as raw data liked by many engineers. From my point of view exactly this lack of faithfulness to that technology makes communication very difficult between those guys actually working in this facility and those ones already responsible for all the budgets and purchases for the facility. By the way I should also stress that jargon as well as slang specific to each operation appear to be very similar to a foreign language. So in this case services provided by a corresponding translator may be urgently required.

I should say that communication comes in quite different forms. This energy management and optimization system provides its customers with invaluable information in such formats which are easy to understand of course. By the way rather simple graphs as well as dials are always available to you. To be exact you can find them web-based dashboards. In fact dashboards should be considered to be a really powerful reporting system. In this case you can take advantage of so called cloud computing in order to complete all the required calculations, collect data and certainly graph it. As you might have guessed all of the information is stored in the database and you can gain access to it at any time you like. You’ll like using this system any way.

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