The Small Business Profit Plan


Some Small Business owners have been accused by their competitors as cheating but have to agree that their results are simply outstanding.
The difference is they are using secret strategies provided by HiSpeed marketing consultants.

As you would expect Small Business owners are focused on sales, generating cash flow and attending to customer orders.

But some Astute Business Owners are using  underground methods to generate bigger profits and expand their customers base.

As a small business owner you are an expert in Your field but sometimes struggle with getting more customers and converting them to clients.

At last there is a solution to the problem – a structured “3 Step Profit Acceleration plan” designed to put you in the driving seat to start making some serious money from your business. The Small Business Profit Plan

Here’s How… YOU can start Converting Your Problems and Challenges Into Opportunities And Bottom Line Profits

Business Success 

3 Step-‘Profit Acceleration’ Action Plan


Step 1: Confidential Business Success Diagnostic assessment

Initial face-to-face, telephone, postal mail, or e-mail meeting.

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of business related strengths, weaknesses and critical marketing efforts to uncover hidden or untapped sources of business and income.

  • Identify or define your ideal target market by psychographics, demographics, accessibility, sophistication, and needs, wants and expectations.
  • Comprehensive multi-page Business Analysis Questionnaire.
  • Where is your business now?
  • How much profit is leaking away in your business?
  • What is the ultimate potential of your business?
  • Where would you like your business to be?
  • What is the quickest, easiest, most effective, and most profitable way to get it there?

Step 2: The Business Success Action Plan

  • Identify or create personal and company vision, goals and exit strategy.
  • Identify exploitable strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your competition.
  • Identify or create your Unique Differentiating Factor.
  • Develop specific growth strategies for…
  • Getting more new leads.
  • Improving leads to sales conversion ratio.
  • Increasing the average value of each sale.
  • Improving and enhancing profit margins.
  • Increasing the average number of sales per year per customer.
  • Getting customers to refer more qualified leads.
  • Converting more referred leads to buying customers.
  • Creating additional marketing systems that create immediate, long-lasting and steady streams of income.
    • Current Customers
    • Past Customers
    • Future Customers
    • Staff/Employers
    • Vendors/Suppliers
    • Competitors
    • Centres of Influence
    • Referral sources
    • Media Sources
    • Develop and install effective systems for ethically exploiting, monitoring and optimizing relationships with major stakeholders
    • Training key employees and personnel.

Step 3: The Review Process

  • Regular meetings by personal visit, telephone, postal mail, or email to…
  • Review strategies and systems.
  • Appraise growth and progress.
  • Where are we?
  • Where should we be?
  • What else needs to be done?
  • Make changes / corrections / additions / deletions

Ongoing Support

  • Strategy and Solutions Consultation.
  • Systems Design and Implementation.
  • Results Monitoring and Correction.
  • 12 Months of Consultative Support.
  • 12 Months subscription to “Business Growth Strategies” Newsletter.