Attention Business Owners

If your like many businesses, you are probably facing one of a number challanges . Either the company is struggling to generate sufficient income or its a nightmare running the company because of inadequate systems or processes in place, or the time to fix them .

What we do is to assist business owners to make more money without having to make huge upfront investments. We also provide and implement powerful office systems that free up business owners from the day to day running issues . We work with businesses that are committed to growth and who do not have the time or resources in-house to provide it themselves.

We provide a business and technology solution under one roof.  No project is too small or too large  and nothing is left to chance.  Our approach is to analyse and review your existing strategies and processes . Then to develop a plan detailing the scope of the changes required ,design the solution and Implement into your business . Following which we are able to support and manage critical functions and applications. Because you cannot manage what you cannot measure the manage phase is supported by measurable matricies that provide feedback for continuous improvement to deliver supply chain excellence and to drive best practice results.

These cost effective enhancements to systems and business processes coupled with cutting edge marketing techniques are aimed at leveraging maximum benefit that are designed to  impact the bottom line & improve your competitive edge in the market place.

 HiSpeed Consulting – Benefits

•    Based on the North Shore and can support you wherever you are, when ever you need us
•    Provide a one stop Business & Technology cost effective solution & HiSpeed service
•    Agile, flexible and fast  – we adapt to your requirements & provide  critical resource on demand
•    Huge knowledge base- 35 years broad based experience with a variety of businesses
•    Provides answers to our clients’ key operational  & business challenges
•    Partners in providing results based outcomes
•    Guaranteed to deliver results

Companies that engage us, benefit from a clear win-win situation. We combine pragmatic and valuable business acumen with proven technical skills and service to deliver superior results.

Locally we have provided turnkey projects for major Telcos and Health boards that have complex business structures and high levels of compliance  We are also consulting with a variety of smaller businesses to help them improve bottom line results, through low cost marketing strategies, office system makeovers, and improvement to the customer service acquisition & fullfillment processes.Internationally, we have delivered a large number of customer service centres using advanced customer relationship management solutions as well as  numerous large turnkey retail & general business solutions.  This experience is invaluable when modelling best practice solutions for our clients.

Therefore, we do have the knowledge & experience to provide both Business & Technology solutions especially tailored for your business too..

Our Solutions Include :

  1. Information Communications Audit,consulting, advice & support
  2. Marketing Strategies – very effective – low cost !!!
  3. Contact centre and customer service solutions
  4. Point of sale solutions for retail and wholesale
  5. Business Process Management & office admininistation best practice
  6. Project Management Services
  7. Business requirements analysis
  8. Business Continuity Planning
  9. Contracting & resourcing
  10. Managed Services , training & support
  11. Independant technology reviews & audits
  12. Business and Product marketing solutions
  13. Business systems development
  14. ITIL service delivery management
  15. Customised bespoke project development
  16. Internet Marketing/ E Commerce -Web Site development

To find out more contact us today for an obligation free discussion about possibilities. We also provide a range of pre packaged consulting products, including site audits that provide a report detailing  areas of vulnerability and risk with recommendation about  how to solve them and potential costs.  Contact us today
Ask us about our Free Marketing and Technology assessment Audit valued at $ 397
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