As you know for a long time the standard for recording legal proceedings was just typing a stenographic transcript and then translating it into quite a common language transcript on paper. Os as soon as the final transcript was ready judges as well as attorneys could have an opportunity of studying it at length. They could look for the key evidence in these deposition transcripts as a case proceeded. Certainly written transcripts are still considered to be rather an accurate way of chronicling all the legal proceedings but on the other hand they aren’t efficient enough especially when compared with new technologies. These days more and more court reporters are taking advantage of corresponding court reporting video services and there’s no wonder about this because they are really advantageous.

Though movies as well as TV shows which feature courtroom drama still picture attorneys as unhappy creatures who have to stay late at their office being busy with paging through a great variety of paper transcripts. So I can tell you that it’s not so indeed. It’s because currently the vast majority of attorneys use exactly video services. The matter is that there’s an obvious reason why they have already shifted to this solution. The matter is that images can certainly tell more than transcript can do using words. As you know paper transcripts usually include descriptions of so called non-verbal communication as well as other kinds of physical behavior. Besides this characteristics of deponents as well as trial witnesses should be described too. But to my great regret words often appear low efficient when it comes to describing such dramatic things as a sudden look of anger on somebody during proceedings and so on. Of course video can convey it much better almost as in real life

Of course besides this we shouldn’t underestimate the real value of video text synchronization. Unfortunately video transcripts give us the same problem as these old fashioned paper transcripts. So they are rather time consuming when it comes to arriving at some critical junctions. But l should stress that with the application of such a promising option as video text synchronization, this obstacle mentioned above is laid to rest. I should say that video text synchronization simply synchronizes wording of a written transcript with the proceeding’s video. So in this case it’s much easier for attorneys as well as judges to navigate from one place to another place in a video transcript for the purpose of gaining access critical information. It goes without saying that this benefit is particularly helpful for presenting evidence to such guys as juries who are able to give the most convincing verdicts when evidence is presented in rather a clear and concise format. That’s how it works.

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