Hi, I’d like to talk about quality management systems. Of course you’ve already heard about these QMS. It seems to me it would be a good thing for you to take a exactly a process-based approach to your quality management.

So when operating a formal QMS and being influenced by external quality assurance requirements you should provide clear and quire complete set of operational process maps. As you know these maps define any organization entirely. I should say that these process maps include special procedural supporting documents as well as forms to every process step. It’s clear that they are rather dynamic allowing changes and moreover they are quite accessible to your employees. I’d like to stress that a process-oriented quality system can really yield much quicker returns through your marked improvements both in effort and time.

You should keep in mind that training is considered to be an integral part of any quality management system. As you know regulatory authorities want every employee to demonstrate clearly that they are competent enough for their role. Regulatory authorities want to be assured that employees are constantly trained to meet their growing job requirements. They should be ready for any probable changes in their work. So these efficient quality management systems enable managers to match staff competencies to their skills. Having made this analysis they may trigger corresponding training needs for employees if there is any mismatches or changes.

You should take advantage of scalable and certainly flexible system. Most probably that you’re a beginner in your market niche and as follows from this you know almost nothing about quality management systems. So in this case it would be better for you to try rather a stepped approach to rolling out your quality management system in the organization. It goes without saying that you urgently require to become an advanced user of an electronic quality management system because your business requirements may rapidly grow with your business expansion. If you obtain such a system which is flexible enough and it can be expanded along with your growing needs then you’ll have a real chance of maximizing your quality management system.

An electronic quality management system is considered to be a proven method of meeting ISO as well as FDA requirements. But it’s up to you to optimize your software investment by simply selecting the right solution and certainly expanding it for needs of your business. Not so long ago such systems were unreal and accordingly people had a lot of problems with managing quality in business. But now you can significantly simplify your job by taking advantage of this up to day solution. I don’t doubt that you’ll gain excellent results in your business when taking advantage of this system.

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