Project management has always been the style of doing business in the construction industry, DOD contracts, Hollywood movie projects, as well as major consulting firms have invented this term. Now management of the project extends to many other areas. Today, the project teams involved in everything starting from the expansion of seaports and restructuring of hospitals, improving information systems. Three leading American automobile companies explain their ability to capture a significant share of the automotive market by using the extensive project teams, which quickly develop new machines with the latest technology innovations.

Effect of project management is especially significant in the field of information technology, where new leading characters are young professionals, whose enormous efforts lead to the continuous development of new hardware and software. Project management is not limited to business. Project management is definitely a good way to solve various problems, including social ones. With project management training you can control such factors as providing emergency assistance to areas affected by the hurricane, or manage a program to reduce crime and drug addiction in the city, or work on the reconstruction of the stadium in any area, etc. Perhaps the best indicator of growing interest in project management is rapid development of the Project Management Institute, a professional organization of specialists in project management. From 1993 to 1997 the number of employees it has increased four-fold increase to more than 24 thousand people, representing about 1200 people a month. To date, the number of employees exceeds 40 thousand people. The aim of the Project Management Institute is a hundred thousand people by year two thousand and two.

Back in nineteen eighty five, two thirds of the employees of the Institute of project management have been associated with the construction industry and related industries. Today their share is only one-third, and most rapidly growing sectors are telecommunications, information technology and industry engaged in the development and promotion of a product to market. Growing interest in project management can be seen also in the university auditoriums. Ten years ago, leading universities offer a one- two courses for project management, mostly for engineers. Today, many universities offer multiple sections of the course on project management, with a core group of students, engineers, joined students of business and specialize in marketing or in management information systems, finance, as well as students of oceanography, medicine, computers, and Humanities. These students believe that the fundamentals of project management will give them significant advantages in employment. More and more employers are looking for graduates who are well familiar with project management. It is quite logical that it is being a starting point of the basic appreciation- understanding the uniqueness of the project and project managers.

Current world is based on business. For some people it is the way of making money, for others – it’s a job to make living, and for some of them – this is a way they live. In any case business is an activity which requires to be managed. Professional project managers are those people who help business owners to conduct their activities. Project managers who are eager to become real experts, certainly might be interested in PMP Training. Of course, passing PMP exam is not that easy task but if you are serious about that you can take advantage of PMP Simulation. All this, together with online technologies being the great source of information, will assist you to prepare and successfully pass the PMP Certification.