In fact becoming a really professional court reporter means getting rather a rewarding profession from my point of view. This occupation has got a couple of notable advantages. For instance court reporting is one of the few of jobs which can’t be fully outsourced to other countries when compared to such jobs as operating a computer as well as customer service industries. These days a lot of experienced court reporters are used to working freelance and there’s no wonder about it because in this case they can have an excellent opportunity to enjoy a real flexibility in their working hours. By the way these guys are able to maintain their staff position in a particular law firm or courthouse. Basically these days a flexible career of a court reporter can really help with the family life because it brings rather a regular income.

Of course you want to know what these court reporters do. From my point of view you need to consider court reporters to be a sort of archivists. Their documentary skills are mainly focused on a relatively narrow but extremely important area of court trials as well as hearings, and meetings. It goes without saying that any official communication in this justice system is highly dependent on recordings made by a great number of court reporters in the country. It’s clear that all the records should be quite accurate because they need withstanding the scrutiny of the judicial as well as political system when required.

As you might have guessed court reporters are usually properly trained in a great variety of methods of documentation. Their primary skill is certainly stenography which is also known as short hand. In my opinion it usually takes even less than one year to become a beginner in this field but at the same time it will take up to two years to become a really skillful real-time stenographer.

I should say that in court trials the vast majority of court reporters take advantage of professional stenotype machines allowing them to write up to 225 words per minute. For example the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has already discovered that an average length of time which should be spent on learning the stenotype machine is about 33 months. This period of time is usually enough for becoming a professional operator of this stenotype machine. I should say that this stenotype machine is supposed to be ideal for any other proceedings. For example I can point out to arbitrations, pretrial hearings and certainly judicial meetings.

When searching for a court reporter school, you should determine whether this particular school has got a proper accreditation or not. It goes without saying that this accreditation should be officially recognized by the US Department of Education. Besides this its curriculum should be properly certified too. That’s what you need to take into account when searching for this school.

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