Some Useful Things That You Must Know About Mortgage Loans.

Now apartments are expensive, so you have to take on tick. Fortunately, there are many banks that provide such services. It is better to select the bank that is on the market more than ten years. This is backroom evidence of stability. At the beginning, if you decide to take an apartment on credit, you will need a “tidy” amount.

Make a subscription and papers.

The initial minimum is 15% of the cost of future housing. It also will be necessary a package of basic documents. They may demand additional “papers”: for example, a certificate from the housing department, proving that the seniors and minors do not qualify for a part of accommodation. In law, they have the right not to evict from the apartment, if the borrower cannot repay the credit. The banks are trying to eliminate this possibility on the spot.

Select an apartment.

It is better to begin talks with the bank, when you already have in mind housing for purchase. You can find it in two ways: with the help of a real estate agency or independently. Search with the agency will be more expensive; in addition, you must choice cautiously in order not to swallow a gudgeon of splinders. But the agency usually has good contacts with the bank that will save you of unnecessary scurry.

You can take the loan for housing in a newly built house, it will be cheaper. But before putting the house into operation you must live somewhere, and this is additional expenses. If, however, to orient on the secondary market, you can move much faster, but the sum of down payment will be higher than unfinished.

Pay bills.

The term of loan repayment is from 10 to 25 years, depending on the bank and credit conditions. The sum for the use of the loan may be constant or “floating”. “Floating” rate may change depending on exchange rates, the economic situation in the country, and this may lead to a substantial appreciation in cost of the loan. Before you sign the loan contract, you have to calculate thoroughly how much your flat or house will cost in the end. The site of practically each bank has a credit calculator that can be applied to estimate the amount of future payments.

A debtor will be left without housing.

If you do not repay the loan timely, the bank can repay the debt through the sale of apartment. Before that, it is obliged to warn you of its intent and give at least 30 days to sink the debt. If during this time the debt is not repaid, the bank may require expulsion of lodgers and the sale of the apartment at a public auction.

The reason for refusal of obtaining the loan can even be insufficient standing at the new place of work – even on the high-paid one. If the customer is on trial period, then the bank will propose to wait with the credit until it is completed. In addition, in case of doubts about the revenue the banks propose a credit amount at their discretion, usually less than the citizen asked.

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