I know for sure that you are working at school. Of course you’re concerned with the development of your skills and your professional level as a teacher. Certainly you need to improve your marking and reporting to gain better results. And I can help you. Just pay attention to my recommendations mentioned here below.

It goes without saying that your marking as well as reporting system should be very carefully planned and certainly guided by some stated objectives. As for these objectives I can point out to school related motivation and certainly home-school cooperation.

It’s clear that students, teachers, parents and certainly administrators should constantly develop the reporting system as well as forms. I should say that teacher-student reporting as well as direct communication should be considered to be an endless process. I hope you realize that student-teacher conferences play a very significant role in school life. As for me I define these conferences as an important part of the reporting system.

It goes without saying that parent-teacher conferences may appear to be extremely effective. In fact the released time for every teacher is very necessary because this released time can be spent on many worthy activities. And exactly these conferences help much to release some extra time. Of course it’s rather difficult to make these parent conferences practical for each student at this secondary school level but any way these conferences are very desirable exactly for those students whose academic performance tends to decline. It’s clear that corresponding report forms for parent conferences as well as copies for each party should be prepared on time.

In fact the reporting system need including a reliable feedback on school behavior. Besides this it should also perfectly reflect students’ attitudes their work habits and certainly their attendance. It goes without saying that this reporting system should describe in details performance in various school subjects.

It’s clear that marks as well as parent conferences are really required because exactly they can perfectly describe the whole performance at the upper elementary and certainly secondary levels. By the way reporting systems can be rather easily standardized in the primary grades. In fact some parents require some time for adjusting to the surrounding reality of their kid’s ability. It goes without saying that it’s rather a stressful experience for them. But any way sooner of later they will get used to it any way.

I’d like to stress that failing marks are rather rarely justified exactly in the primary as well as some upper elementary grades. From my point of view failing marks shouldn’t dominate in elementary and certainly middle school grades. I don’t doubt that you’ll gain success at school when following these recommendations targeted on improving marking as well as reporting.

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