So let us talk in these series of article about those things which are necessary remember and follow if you want to obtain a money grant for the business project. So I think that this information will be interesting for every businessman who is interested in obtaining a venture capital.

Something special in the business plan

The majority of venture capital firms searches for a distinctive element in strategy or a product/market/process of production of the enterprise. New qualities of an item or production process, either specific advantages, or special technical competence of management that should distinguish this enterprise from others. But this special element necessarily should be present at the business plan. It should provide competitive advantage of the enterprise.

Elements of inquiry about Venture capital reception

The inquiry and the business plan resume and also the business plan are represented actually. These materials should depict clearly: the purposes and tasks of cooperation management enterprise and Required Financing.

You should declare quantity of money which the enterprise will need from the beginning of its creation and before its complete start-up as incomes will be used as you plan to structure financing (stages of reception of financing) and why the designated quantity is required, i.e. on what each sum will be particularly used.


Describe a market share which you have or plan to have, a competition, market characteristics, and your plans (with costs necessary for their realization) for a gain of a planned market share.

History of the enterprise inquiring about investment

Sum up essential financial and organizational marks, the description of employees and relations between them, specify relations with your banks, list the basic goods or services which your enterprise offered during its existence, and etc.

The description of items or services

Include a complete description of items or the services offered by the enterprise: both costs, and the prices, in detail.

Financial position

Include a condition as within last two years, and planned indicators (the balance sheet, incomes and monetary flows) the next three-five years, show expectational effect from reception of investments. (It should include the analysis of the key financial indicators influencing financial activity, showing that can occur, if designed level of the income is not reached.)

The enterprise capital

Give also the list of shareholders, how many and by whom it is enclosed means till now, in what form and in what size (the joint-stock capital/loan).

Biographic data

Describe a labor way and qualification of each of key owners and employees.

Prime vendors and buyers, problems and other information

Give the fair and objective description of any debts, forthcoming lawsuits, tax or license difficulties and any other moments which could mention the project which you offer. Include the list of names, addresses and phone numbers and faxes of suppliers and buyers; with them will contact to check up your statements concerning payments, suppliers, items and buyers.

The days when governments have been showering people with all types of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not imply that you must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with nicely balanced attitude; small business grants including.

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