Steps of a venture capital obtaining

So let us continue talking about those steps that should be performed while you are planning to obtain your venture capital for your business project. So if you are interested in this subject it would be interesting and useful for you to read these series of articles till the end as believe here you will find a lot of meaningful information that you can after apply for your own advantage and business development. Just keep reading and you will see what I mean.

Conditions of the Investment Offer

What happens, when, after exhaustive research and the analysis, venture capital firm decide to invest the capital in the enterprise? The majority of investment firms prepares the offer on financing with instructions of the size of investments, the share fraction of the enterprise demanded for such investment, financing methods, and also certain mechanisms of protection of the interests (for example, entering in a railroad train of board of the representative who is responsible for use of investment means). This offer will be discussed with administration. The agreement on investment which will be the reached compromise between administration and partners or responsible representatives of venture capital firm will be entered into. Important elements of this compromise: the property, the control and management, annuity payments, ultimate goals.


Management is much simpler problem for the decision. Unlike property division in which relation the investor and the enterprise, possibly, will seriously discuss, the control and management is a task in which they will have general interest. While it is clear that the management of the small enterprise will feel some anxiety in this part, partners of cooperation management enterprise have no interest in submission to themselves of plant management. They have no either technical, nor managing staff to manage set of the small companies in various industries in which they invest the money. They prefer to leave operational management by the enterprise to an existing management.

The venture capital firm, however, wants to participate in any strategic decisions which could change the basic feature of an item / the market of the company and in any main investment decisions which could affect company financial resources. They will be to insist, therefore, that at least their one representative has been made by one of directors of the enterprise and is allocated by the agreed rights.

They also want to participate in decision making of the difficult financial, operative or marketing problems influencing a financial position of the enterprise, i.e. on destiny of investments. Thus, they is usual include protective mechanisms in the contracts providing their right to incur enterprise management and to appoint new heads if financial activity of the enterprise appears unsatisfactory.

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