Companies are required to improve their customer experience, stay competitive, be agile and increase their revenue per customer by having better response times and efficient processes.

It Doesn’t matter if they are SME or BIG corporate companies, now a days every customer expects the same experience.

To be able to accomplish this, business owners need to define a business process that is divided in 3 stages (pre-sales, sales and post-sales)

for example:

If you are selling a product to a customer in a pre-sales stage you will need to do marketing, contact your lead, create opportunities, and try to finalize a sale.

In the sales stage, after you confirm and guarantee the sale, you need to send orders,quotes,invoices and track payments.

After the sale (post-sales), you need to be able to provide support to the product you sold and create opportunities to do more cross/vertical sales.

These 3 stages are valid for every product/market and type of sale both offline and on-line businesses. Big corporate companies can spend thousands of dollars getting software and hardware to be able to perform this function,  whilst small/medium businesses normally only have basic accounting software and all the rest is either  paper based or on multiple excel files, that are very difficult to track,maintain,analyse and to follow up any opportunities.

To solve this problem we developed a system that is divided in 6 parts allowing you to improve your business management allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best:

Business Pack
  1. Products, allows you to define your products creating multiple price books so you could have different prices per region/type of customer per product
  2. Accounts, allows you to define all your payable and receivable accounts, including their locations and contacts
  3. Pre sales, allows you to track your campaigns, lead generated, opportunities pipelines, and match it with your forecasts
  4. Financials, allows you to send quotes, orders, invoices, credit/debit notes, and track payments (done and overdue), including you expenses
  5. Support, allows you to interact with your customer providing a quick support and creating a knowledge base
  6. Customer portal, allows you to give access to your customer to a portal that you can fully customize with your logos, blogs, knowledge base, and where they can:
    1. view their quotes, and accept or reject them
    2. view their orders
    3. view their invoices and payments done
    4. create and view their cases

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