As you know when pursuing any Adwords campaign you have to let Google approve it. Only after this it can be presented online. In other words this means that your ad meets the certain criteria listed in terms and conditions as well as other documents referring to Google editorial and ad content policies. By the way it’s obvious that a destination site should also meet certain terms and conditions. Otherwise your ad will be probably rejected.

Each time you access your ad diagnostics tool, you let it find specific data which is relevant to each query as well as all the related ads which are based on your account data. It’s very essential to realize that reporting tools of Google don’t provide you with data in real time. There might be a three hour delay. And sometimes it may last even longer. So as you might have guessed any recent changes won’t be reflected in this reporting.

I should say that there are a lot of things in your Adwords account which can have a significant impact on how your ad is displayed. It goes without saying that professional diagnostics tools will take it into consideration. Moreover these tools also take into account such important details as keyword approval status, your own advertising budget settings, the cost per click, keyword performance and certainly your audience targeting settings. Excuse me but I’ve just forgotten to mention your ranking status.

I’m afraid that sooner or later diagnostic tools may get back to your website. For example an obvious reason for this sudden return is such a disappointing fact that your ad budget is too low and as follows from this there’s no opportunity for you to deliver your ad frequently. In fact you can easily change it by just increasing your ad budget settings. Moreover it’s also advisable for you to start paying more per click. It’s clear that if ads are paid much per click then most probably they will be given the highest priority. So in other words the more your pay for every click the more often your ad is shown to visitors.

To your great luck currently a special wizard is available. And you can use this tool for the purpose of debugging. I just mean that you can easily find out why your ad is still unavailable to your audience. You can discover that something goes wrong on time and accordingly you can fix the problem without delay.

So as you can see it’s advisable for you to take advantage of the Adwords diagnostic tool. This way you can significantly optimize your Adwords campaign. And it won’t cost you much. Goggle provides all necessary tools for this purpose. I don’t doubt that your advertising campaign will be successful.

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And bear in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It would be intelligent to use the online network to find anything on the best terms available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to make a decision on many issues.