Hi, I’d like to talk about that equipment used by court reporters as well as steno transcriptionists. As you might have guessed this equipment is really unique. Of course you want to get acquainted with the steno machine first of all. This machine is composed of 23 keys standing for the alphabet. It goes without saying that an user should listen to the speech while writing it down phonetically. In this case one should strike keys simultaneously. Keys as well as combinations of keys stand for letters and even words and phrases. It’s evident that the steno machine keys can’t be the same as those ones used in the typewriter. When using the steno machine a person strikes several keys in some combination to form words or phrases this way. I should say that there are several types of steno theory. I hope you realize that every reporter and steno transcriptionist should be aware of the theory to avoid any hesitation when writing. As you know this act of taking down information is called writing and it’s not typing though the vast majority of people have rather an opposite point of view on this matter.

I should say that the steno machine costs from $1,600 to $5,200 and in this case the exact price mainly depends on a person employed for court reporting. It’s clear that a student writer won’t be paid as a professional court reporter writer. The main difference between a student writer and a professional court reporter writer is that a student can’t have all the required capabilities which a professional court reporter has. For instance a student hasn’t got such a memory capacity as a professional reporter has. Certainly in most cases students use exactly used machines for court reporting and it’s a wise choice for them because as you know used machines are relatively cheap and accordingly students can afford purchasing them. By the way machines can’t do without a regular maintenance as well as cleaning. They need this care to operate smoothly and certainly efficiently for any user. Now we can use new models of these machines. And I’d like to stress that they are fully computerized versions. By the way that company making these machines can provide you with the names of those guys who are really certified to perform all the required maintenance work on these machines. Of course reporters as well as transcriptionists should always have so called back-up machines. They can be used if there’s something wrong with the steno machine. Accordingly in this case back-up machines are going to be used while those malfunctioning ones could be sent to the corresponding maintenance services. Thus you can be on the safe side. I hope you’ve learnt enough about a court reporter’s tools.

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