A property management system or PMS for short is widely used these days. To cut a long story short it’s a special software application that is implemented to meet specific requirements of any hotel or even hotel group. I should say that a PMS provides all of the required tools for hotel staff for their daily activities. To be exact I should mention managing room inventory, checking guests in, handling reservations, accommodating in-house guest needs, assigning rooms, checking guest out, reporting and marketing, handling all billing as well as accounting requirements and so on. It goes without saying that this application should be fully configurable to every property’s specific requirement and there should be an opportunity to configure it to operate both a single-property and a multi-property configuration. As you might have guessed in this case all the properties of a group share one common database.

I should say that multi-property functionality is really helpful for hotel chains because using this feature one can significantly reduce hardware as well as software investments. Of course in this case labor expenses will be reduced too due to an opportunity to run multiple properties a hardware platform. I should say that centralized hardware and software improves the system support and certainly it’s very easy to upgrade it because all hardware components and software have got one central location. By the way hotels may also reduce their labor costs by simply sharing common functions between such properties as accounting, reservations, sales and so on.

Ok course I should mention the key features of this stuff right now. In a properly developed PMS, reservation features are appropriately integrated with all other system functionality. In this case you get at your disposal the whole set of features enabling you to make and update individual and group reservations. Certainly you can also deal with business block reservations as well as integrated deposit handling. Don’t forget about cancellations, wait-listing, confirmations, room blocking and certainly sharing.

I should say that an extensive set of these essential integrated features for automatic controlling, setting and yielding of rates should be the most important factor when choosing a PMS for your own hotel because you need all of this for your rate quotation, revenue forecasting, rate yielding and certainly analysis.

Another great important function you need to take into consideration is so called profile handling. Of course I’m talking about demographic records of guests, contacts, business accounts, agents, groups. It goes without saying that all the sources should be available here. Certainly profiles should have addresses, membership enrolments, phone numbers, stay and revenue details, additional data and so on. All of this should make reservations handling as well as other activities much faster and certainly more accurate. I hope your business will be significantly optimized with the help of these efficient tools.

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