I should say that accounting software is just sort of application or even a set of applications recording and processing accounting transactions in compliance with the existing rules and regulations. In fact accounting is considered to be an essential part of our life. We can’t do without accounting at all. We need it almost everywhere. We require it at home and in offices. Both big companies and government departments need accounting. All these guys can’t do without corresponding books which contain information about their money transactions. It goes without saying that keeping these books is compulsory.

Accounting software significantly simplifies keeping account books. In this case accounting software can help even if a particular guy hasn’t got any knowledge of accounting rules at all. Software assists both small and large organizations in keeping books with ease by processing and recording the required data. This way account departments perform much better because their stuff needn’t doing monotonous work.

As usual accounting software contains special modules. For example I can mention account receivables, general ledgers, inventory, purchase orders, billings, bank books and so on. I’ve just mentioned exactly core modules used in accounting software but you can also use additional modules such payment performance, debt collection, payroll and so on.

As for functionality accounting software is usually classified in few categories. For example I can point out to personal accounting software. This kind of software is used for relatively simple accounting purposes such as managing budget, income and expenses personal accounts and so on. By the way this software generates reports containing the similar information as bank books and expense sheets. Secondly I should mention inventory-accounting software and I should say that it’s another category of software. It’s mainly used for sales and purchase options. They also support stock option as well as single entry system. As you might have guessed exactly this kind of accounting software has got rather a limited functionality and it only supports one kind of regulation. As usual this software can’t support GAAP and IFRS standards compliance and this software only provides accounting as its additional feature and nothing else.

I should say that accounting software applied by mid level companies supports multiple currency options as well as multiple regulation. This gives users an excellent opportunity to keep their accounting books in compliance with the international standards. In fact the reporting function in this software is rather robust due to corresponding external tools. Scalable and certainly very flexible databases are used in this case. By the way I’ve just forgotten to mention management information systems. These systems are supplied with these software programs. And they support capable reporting tools such as crystal reports and so on. I hope you’ve learnt enough about accounting software.

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